Yes Ret heals needed buffing, but what about

Holy AOE healing? not viable whatsoever i swear everytime aoe healing is needed during the raid shamans or druids pass me on the charts. I didnt come here to complain about druid or shaman just saying, making aoe healing a tad bit difficult. I have a simple soloution, decrease mana cost of holy radiance slightly and also increase the range of its effect to AT LEAST 20 yards. How often are people really that close in any situation????
Basically we don't aoe heal, simple as that

Sure, we will throw down the occasional LoD-Radiance-HS-LoD for bursty melee bits like vizier or feng, but otherwise the only aoe healing we do is just blanket the raid with 1HP EF, or dropping Hammer in the raid for a stand-still section of the fight

Right now, even with druids/shamans having their strong aoe cooldowns, we are consistently keeping HPS with them at the end of the fight

I personally agree with you, I think that GoaK is fairly useless in PvE for holy (compared to how awesome it is for other specs) and would love to see it as more of an AOE healing cd, instead of just an assortment of lesser !@#$

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