Avenger's Shield... Top Damage?

As the title says.

Simply put, every time I go into a dungeon, Avenger's Shield is the top DPS ability that I have. It sits usually around 43% of the DPS, with another ability (forgot what it was.), sitting at around 11-13% of the DPS....

Is it just me, or does Avenger's Shield being around 43% of the DPS a bit high, especially as a tank?
Doesn't seem that odd. It's a hard-hitting multi-target attack. If you're looking at overall, you're going to be seeing a lot of trash fights, which will involve Avenger's Shield hitting a lot of targets, so it's going to be doing a lot of damage.
All right, just seemed odd for something that is a 15 second cool down to be doing almost half of my total DPS.
As long as it's not doing that on single-targets, it's probably not worth worrying about.
The game doesn't become reasonably balanced until around level 85, nowadays. Avenger's Shield is not going to be 43% of your damage at max level. Perhaps it will be your top damage ability on trash (perhaps a fight that is exactly 3 targets) but no way will it constitute almost HALF.
If glyphed for single target, it is still top damage ability on most boss fights I do as well. Not 43% top, but top none the less.

Quite nice even in 5 mans to see it critting for 200+ k regularly

My shield of the righteous is usually equal to or greater than avengers shield.

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