[H] <Hypnotic> 4/12 ToT LF Healer or DPS

Hypnotic is a fairly new guild to the server Turalyon; a few of us transferred off another server and looking for a new group of people to raid with. We are laid back and really chill. We are having a hard time with people showing up to our raids and are looking for players that can make ALL raid times and be prepared and ready to go. We are not the best players to ever play but we know what we are doing. If you're looking for a small guild that is not hardcore, we might be the one for you!
If you aren't experienced, that's okay, we are looking for competent players that need a chance to show their stuff.

Raid times: Tues/Thursday 8-11pm server.

What we are looking for:
Priest Healer or Shaman Healer
Monk or Rogue or Warrior dps

*How to contact*
- Send an in-game message to Laatu or Dishonored
- Leave a comment with your real ID info and we will get back to you as soon as we can!
Basic Info:
Guild: Hypnotic (level 25)
Faction: Horde
Loot rules: /roll Ms > Os > De

Thank you for your time and consideration!
Bump ^
Bump bump :)
Looking for a solid warlock or boomkin for group still!
Still looking for a warlock or boomkin and a Dk
Still need a dps that pulls over 70k dps. Preferably a lock or druid or dk for a bres. Whisper me in game! I don't bite!
Now 10/16. Downed Garalon and Wind Lord tonight. Still need a solid boomkin/warlock/or death knight for our group!
Still looking for a dps for our core group. Attempts on Amber start Thursday and need a high dps to help us on that fight. NEED a reliable dps to show up EVERY raid day. :)
Still need a dps........................
Looking for a Druid or Monk tank, and a Druid or Monk heal for our group!!!!!!!!!!! Preparing for 5.2!
Looking for a monk dps for group!
LF casual players to fill in spots ! :)))))
Need Shaman/mage/lock/or a Spriest !!!!! for our core group!
Need Mage or Spriest for group!
hi! I am def. interested in talking with you my real id is Präyer#1401
Still looking!

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