[A] Little Rascals 12/12ToT -KhadgarEST LFM25

Guild Recruitment

Little Rascals is looking for a few more raiders to help us convert our 10 man raiding team to a strong casual 25 man team. We raid 3 days a week M/T/W from 8pm to 11pm est.

We offer a fun atmosphere to grow with us as we expand our roster moving forward. However, you must be knowledgeable, drama-free, want to raid and want to have a good time.

We are currently recruiting the following positions:

1 Enhancement Shaman

-ilvl 522 or better, must be able to put out at least 115k dps
Our in-depth application will provide more information. Please check us out at


If you have any questions, please make a character on Khadgar and whisper anyone in the guild. They will point you to an officer or raid leader who is online.

We are currently 12/12 25 man TOT.

Our Tier 14 Progression is 15/16 25 man and 16/16 10 man.

We also offer PVP opportunities in the guild.

Thank you for your time,
Update...Tsulong and Lei Shi downed tonight.
As a member from the only other 25 man guild on the server, we strongly support people looking for a 25 man guild, to join these swell folks! Bring back the 25 man raid teams, join Little Rascals!
Thanks Maverickiv :)
Updated. Healing is currently full.
Updated 1/27
Really need ranged DPS. We know you are out there :)
Updated 1/31...still need ranged dps!
Updated 2/3
Updated 2/7
Updated 2/22

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