<CORRUPTION> Recruiting for 10m Raid

Aerie Peak
I will keep this simple. I recently took over as tank for this group. We are very laid back and casual. Raid times are Wednesday and Monday starting at 4 pm st to 7 or 8 pm st. I personally have cleared only 5/16 heroic 16/16 normal and the group itself has only cleared MSV normal. I would like to get them through HoF and Toes before 5.2 releases. If you would be interested in joining our group, please contact me or Cainnar in-game. You may reach me on real-id @ Kris#1474 as I spend most of my time on a different server. Current recruitment needs are listed below:

1 Hunter
1 Elemental Shaman with Resto OS
1 Non-DK Tank with DPS OS
All other interested individuals may still contact me for possible positions
Droodling... i miss you :p
Still looking for recruits.
I approve this post... :P
Current Progress:

6/6 MSV
1/6 HOf
0/4 TOES
Still recruiting.

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