Funny WoW music parodies and dances.

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This thread has opinions and suggestions for events on most songs. I have another thread that just list the dances. Here

I did a party event that was half IC, half OOC and I later found a video that showed the dances origins. I found out that most of these songs have WoW themed parodies that go with these dances. I was thinking if there was ever a event that involved music it could be a dance/music show on neutral ground that both Alliance and Horde could come to. I have a list. If anyone is interested in doing this. Me and my friend have a internet radio station set up to go along with it.

Crank Dat Druid Boy

Obviously it would compose of a Tauren Or Troll Boomkin dancing in the spotlight and a bunch of male Goblins being back up dancers since their dance is the dance in the Crank Dat Soulja Boy music video.

Hard Like Heroic

Is a parody of The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang. Which is where the gnome dance comes from. For obvious reasons this would be hilarious and awesome. Having Gnomes dance with a Belf and a Troll... I'm laughing as I type this.

Gank Their Face a Poker Face Parody

This is where a female worgen would show off her face. Their dance is based off the Poker face music video and the song is enjoyable along with the dance which can be seen on youtube.

Whenever, Wherever by Skakira

Personally I'm not a fan of this idea, but gotta share my love of Trolls. This is where the dance comes from and the music video does show a lot of ocean. Sadly I can't find a parody. The Trolls actually look better doing this... Shakira however seems to think flailing around is dancing which the Troll dance removes and keeps the nice parts.

Electric Boogie

In case you didn't know I'm looking up these links while posting this. Sadly so few of the dances have parodies. Luckily the lyrics would match fine with the WoW universe fine due to not having many real life references. This is where the Female Tauren dance comes from. Also no offence but Marcia Griffiths' voice would match flawless with a Tauren... my opinion that means no offence.

Female Dwarves Riverdance... That's it. If you want to see them Riverdance then go ahead.
The Male Troll dance

If you noticed that the Male Troll dance looks like fighting. Then you'd be interested to know that it IS fighting. It's a style people would use to look like dancing so people wouldn't be arrested for violence. All contact would look like a accident. It's not a very upbeat song, but I'm sure Troll players wouldn't mind that much.

You Should be Dancing

While not a WoW parody it's still funny and is where the male human and male Dwarf dances come from. Seeing that combination would make almost anyone laugh and enjoy it.

Billy Maclure a Billy Jean parody.
Billy Jean is where the Male Night Elf dance comes from. Seeing a bunch of Night Elves dancing to Michael Jackson music would be one of the most awesome things ever... Though I know some RP guilds would be mad at this going down XD

Everyone's working on the weekend.
Again not a parody, but this is where the Ogre and Boomkin dance comes from in the Chris Farley chippendales sketch. Seeing a ogre and Boomkin dance to this in game would again be hilarious

Ninja Raiders a Single Ladies Parody.

Single Ladies

Single Ladies is where the Female Goblin dance comes from. And no offence, but due to the average Goblin's greedy nature Ninjaing items would make sense. I do enjoy the actual song better than the parody, but I'll leave the choice of song to whoever would preform.

J'en Ai Marre

This is where the Night Elf Female dance comes from. Sadly AGAIN there is no parody. Even worse I have no idea what they are saying since it's in french so I don't know if it would be too imersion breaking and even if not common in WoW depends on which language the server you're on is. So if people want to let go of what little immersion a fun music event is we'd have to listen to it in french. It is a good song though

Hips Don't Lie By Shakira(I've seen better hips)
I looked all over for this one and was shocked that such a song didn't have a parody.
This is where the Female Draenei dance comes from. Again Shakira still has some confusion on what dancing is. So Bliz took the "dance" parts and gave it to Draenei who actually have better hips... Weird.

Party Lock a Party Rock parody

Party Rock is where the Male Pandaren dance comes from. Like a shocking amount of people. I agree Gangnam syle should have been their dance, but I like this song and seeing Male Pandarens dance to it would be really fun.

The female pandaren dance... Look like the Female Nelf dance I don't understand it, but unlike that one I don't care. Seeing a stage with like 5 to 10 female pandaren dancing to this song would be awesome and if you disagree... I don't know, just get out because I don't want to talk to you right now.

MC Hammer - You Can't touch This
I checked and found a parody... but the parody was just the actual song played over a neat looking Machinima that I assume was stolen. This is where the Male Orc Dance comes from. Still nice song and awesome dance.

I can't say the name of the Female Orc song is. Let's just say that there's no parody and the base song isn't that great.

As confirmation you can find all dances and song relations here


2011 Bliz Dance Contest
Oh I forgot.

Female Blood Elf dance is from Toxic by Britney spears.

This would be fun for a Diva show.

Female Gnome is from Don't cha by the #%@%%#@@@ cat dolls.

Would be funny, and I'm sure many would enjoy it, but it's not my cup of tea.

Male Wogen is the dance from My Love by Justin Timberlake

Now I do enjoy this song and the back up dancers could be the Female Blood Elf, Female Troll or Female or male Goblins.

Male Dreanei is from daler mehndi tunak tunak tun. No parody and I can see why. It's still a enjoyable song and video.

Sadly I can see no possible way this makes sense with WoW, but I still love it.

Male Blood Elf is from Napoleon Dynamite.

Personally I love that this is where the dance comes from and so does everyone I've asked.

Druid Tree Form Chubby Checker- The Twist

This is just fun.

Female Undead - Random Belly/Nature Dance

Sadly I can't find where this specific one comes from.

Male Undead - System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B

This is just plain fun on all levels.

Human Female Macarena - Los del Rio

I just smile at this.

Well I think that's all of them. Like said above I have one free of opinions and event ideas here

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