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01/24/2013 02:09 PMPosted by Melyria
Renn, I take it your guild names are different IC and OOC? Also, your summary is longer than 3 lines.

Name-change pending and edited for you.
<Order of the Golden hawk>

Summary: A Lightsworn Militant Order whose goal is the eradication and pacification of the Horde. We take a lot of inspiration from the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller from the Crusades, and factor in an appropriate setting within Warcraft.

Guild Website:
Officers: Throstan(GM), Branor, Alladran, Ofillia, Wallcroft
Type of guild: Lightsworn Militant Order, Rp-PvP
<Modan Co>

Summary: <Modan Co> is a company that's centers around the exploration and learning of various cultures on Azeroth and Draenor. Despite the fact we're based out of Khaz Modan, all races and classes are accepted.

Guild Website:
Officers: Aillde (GM), Degrasso, Arryka, Saigio
Type of guild: Archaeology Themed
<Steamboil Cartel>
Summary: A mercantile empire of all races, eagerly awaiting Our Beloved Trade Prince Steamboil while establishing the first foothold in Azeroth since the Third War. ((Checks out with RP, based on a vanilla character named Nazz Steamboil who ran away from his Trade Prince father.))

Guild Website:
Officers: Grixxywit (GM), Toroq
Type of Guild: Tribe, I guess? We're open to all races, though...
<The Kingdom of Arathor>

Summary: We're dedicated to creating opportunities for high-quality roleplay based in the Highlands and with strong influences from Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, and Germanic history, and lesser influences from other periods and areas. See also: The Arathian Covenant, Blood of Arathor, Arathorian Coalition.

Guild Website:
Officers: Everen (GM)
Type of guild: Nation/City, Heavy RP.

Summer shutdown active, no recruitment currently. Reopening recruitment: November 20th, 2013

Summary: Salvation is a long standing level 25 guild. The guild is over three years old and is heavily involved in the raiding and RP scene. As an RP guild, we are good aligned guild focused on character development for all sorts of people/backgrounds.

Guild Website:
Officers: Avaruu, Riaan, Onieros and Lotham.
Type of guild: RP/PvE
<More than Luck>

Summary: <More than Luck> is a 10 man progression raiding guild on Moon Guard composed primarily of friends who enjoy raiding in a casual, laid-back atmosphere that allows us to have fun while being serious about our raids.

Guild Website:
Officers: Avastaria, Daemonsoul, Pawko
Type of guild: PvE

<Ég Tala Ekki Islensku>
Summary: <Ég Tala Ekki Islensku> is an OOC organization bringing Nelf RPers together through the creation of unique events, stories, songs, and scenes. While we each have a personal storyline, our greater focus is on proactively assisting the Nelf RP community.

Guild Website:
Officers: Pylsur, Risilla
Note: Night Elf leaning

It looks like my guild was accidentally changed to Night Elf "leaning" rather than the Night Elf "themed" I had originally put. It would be great if "themed" could be restored, or you could even put "Night Elf only." Thanks.
<The Moonblade>

Summary: A traditional Night Elf military guild dedicated to the defense of Darnassus, Kalimdor and the Kaldorei people. Engages in military operations, hunts for enemies of the Night Elves, recovering lost artifacts and various cultural events.

Guild Website:
Officers: Melyria(GM), Kalaryia, Feyawen, Galondel, Rulona
Type of guild: Military, Night Elf only. Mild PVE, PVP-RP, Heavy RP.
<Genome Project>

Summary: Genome's main purpose is to assist Gnomes in need and to strengthen the Gnomish community. We also aid the Alliance and other orders as well. We are not military. We are an organization with a broad range of interests, talents, and goals.

Guild Website:
Officers: Ninwyn (GM), Augidget (Officer), Sybill (Officer)
Type of guild: Gnome-themed guild; primarily RP, with PvE and PvP.
<Demonic Hordes>

Summary: Demonic Hordes is a community-oriented 25 man raiding guild which pursues endgame content. We raid on Fridays and Saturdays from 9pm-1am, and may raid more frequently based on player availability and interest. If you're an active player and are proficient with your class, feel free to visit our website and fill out an application!

Currently recruiting for: Tanks, Restoration Shamans. Having a DPS offspec is highly desirable.

Guild Website:
Officers: Elfuego, Lademonia, Solarius, Keldion
Type of guild: PvE
Argent Bulwark

Summary: The Argent Bulwark is an off-shoot branch of the Argent Crusade. With the Bulwark we're attempting to bring a decent amount of Argent RP along with getting the Argent RPers more unified and together for events.

Guild Website:
Officers: Lantos (GM) Eliorah, Faldron
Type of guild: Argent Crusade RP (Along with PVP and PVE we do on the side)
<Dominion of Alterac>

Summary: The Dominion of Alterac is looking for Players who wish to bring Alterac Role Play into the community once more. The Dominion will aid the Alliance and others looking for assistance. We are dedicated to defending Alterac and creating a Nation-RP environment.

Guild Website:
Officers: Hendrek (GM), Várdus (Officer)
Type of guild: Nation/Military, Heavy RP.
Updated as of today.
<Hell Patrol>

Summary | Intro: [PVP/WPVP] Hell Patrol is the first PvP guild on moonguard to fly under the flag of quality over quantity. We do not recruit over trade chat or through mass macro invites, we do this to till a fertile foundation for a sturdy PvP community.

Requirements: We will take any class, minimum level 85 for mains. Mains may invite alts to the guild. There is no gear requirement, because we run a contender's effort where we gear up all our fresh 90s in the base PvP gear. All members are expected to have vent, though you do not need a mic, you must be able to hear and obey orders in the heat of battle.

Conclusion: We do not have a website, simply whisper Xinaroth (Or any online recruiter) for an invite, and you will be given a brief OOC interview. In the event Xinaroth is not online, send a letter to Xinaroth stating you would like an invite. I will add you and get to you asap.

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