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Moon Guard
<The First Regiment>

Summary: The First Regiment of the Stormwind Army has traditionally served the Kingdom of Stormwind since its founding - providing troops and auxiliary personnel to keep the peace, aid with disaster relief and fight the enemies of the kingdom at home and abroad.

Guild Website:
Officers: Maxen, Olendir, Mairaed, Callaghan, Reignsford, Matilde
Type of guild: Stormwind nation-serving. DnD/Plotlines/RP-PvP
<Blood of Arathor>

Summary: We are a Heavy RP group based in the northern Eastern Kingdoms. We seek talented and mature role-players who desire a story-driven environment that includes both forum writing and in-game role-play. More details can be found on our website or by contacting an officer in-game.

Guild Website:
Officers: Alezander (GM), Sylbor, Katryn
Type of guild: Heavy RP, northern Eastern Kingdoms focus
<Once Upon a Time>

Summary: Once upon a time is a heavy roleplay grouped interested in the individual stories of the adventures of Azeroth! Adventures have tall tales to tell, every character has a back story, and a future story. Family connections, or none, we want to know! I will hopefully be getting a website together in the future so that my players can post their stories online and also have their own tales to tell to their guild mates! We want your stories!

Guild Website: No website yet
Officers: Vasilysa (GM), Tevinson (Head officer)
Type of guild: Heavy RP focused on all of Azeroth, PvP & PvE are welcome features and very much encouraged!
<Brothers of the Fallen>

Summary: We're a raiding guild just getting back into 25 mans, we're I believe now the oldest raiding guild on the server and all around chill guys. We recruit people who mesh well with us and are pretty competent at Raiding.

Officers: Verendus (GM) Fillipula, Wallax, Adeie.

Website: (Should redirect to the wowstead)

We're a raiding guild. We're pretty cool guys eh, we kill bosses and don't afraid of anything.
Vas, Gal. Your summaries are too long, please look to the OP for instruction.
Updated my post.
<The Antu Bloodguard>

Summary: Founded on the idea of the Trolls rising to greatness once more, this group of warriors, witch doctors and shadowhunters fiercely defend the ways of old and the Troll way of life. With the Horde or not, they will stop at nothing to ensure Troll-kind flourishes and thrives.

Officers: Volkuza, Iyaaku, Naaiji, Kiyandori
Type of Guild: Troll RP-PvP
Souls of Anarchy

Summary: Souls of Anarchy is a heavy Role Play guild that caters to the darker side of the spectrum using a creative d10 system for our unique story arcs. We do community outreach twice a month and we are not a militant or religion focused guild.

Guild Website:
Officers: [GM]Tuana
Type of guild: Heavy Role Play for the average adventurer.
<The Tushui Vanguard>
Summary: [The Tushui Vanguard is one of the first Pandaren RP guilds of its kind, focusing directly towards the teachings behind both the Tushui philosophy and one's connection with the elements. The guild also has a small Pandaren military divison and open to some foreign students.]
Guild Website: []
Officers: [Nalanfu (GM)]
Type of guild: [Pandaren Philosophy/Training Based Alliance Guild - Open to Pandaren of all classes (splitting them between Temple and Military ranks) or Monks, Shamans, Mages and Druids of different races.]
<Root Tender Tribe>

Summary: A friendly guild of care bear type people. We're mostly mature adults, but we keep a family friendly environment. LGBTQ Friendly, and most other types of friendly. We like to RP, Achievement hunt, do old raids, have contests and events, and other fun stuff.

Guild Website:
Officers: Svaha, Bolishah, Sukion, Lyylith
Type of guild: Tribal, Medium RP guild.

Any class/race is accepted, as long as it fits our peaceful theme. We accept O.O.C. Players as well.
Greetings, I would like to add our guild to the listing! Thank you!

Update: We've gotten a great response to recruitment, so we'll be temporarily suspending recruitment for now. We'll most likely be re-opening recruitment in the future as soon as we get to know our current recruits better (remember, we're not a zerg guild, we're a community guild and we like to take our time to make sure our new recruits feel welcomed and not lost in the crowd).


Summary: We’re a small social community guild. We like doing things together. Whether that be dungeon crawling, raiding, questing, even LFR, simply put, we like helping each other out. Should be starting up our casual 10man normal raids again soon.

Guild Website: None at this time. Forum Recruitment post for more info:
Officers: Aroh (GM), Tracknor (or Naturemyst/Turgash/Zadoc), Janka (or Nisania/Nisala/Meilun), or Jinyei (Rensha/Renaut/Zhevren).
Type of guild: PVE
<The Dimbark Homestead>

Summary: The Dimbark Homestead was a tiny village in Southern Duskwood that originated before the arrival of the Nightbane Worgen, whom destroyed the village. Our goal is to push back the Worgen and the Undead and create a new home for people in Duskwood.

Guild Website: None at this time, will come soon.
Officers: Falthrian (GM), Vaelroc, Darlangus
Type of guild: Duskwood-themed Township Heavy RP.
I'm looking for a raiding guild. My current guild doesnt raid at all. I'm an experienced raider on openraid and RF. Please someone take me in ;)
Hey, like the idea.

<The Dawnfury Concordant>

Summary: The 501st regiment of the Thalassian military, dedicated to the defense of Quel'Thalas from all enemies internal or external.

Guild website:
Officers: Alorinis Bloodarrow (Co-GM), Adrya Blackdawn (Co-GM)
Type of guild: RP-PvP, faction based
Updated as of today.

Summary: D.I.R.G.E. is a newly-found "academy" of sorts, for those who find themselves entrapped and/or enthralled by darker magics. OOC raiding-wise, 6/6 MSV, 1/6 HoF, 0/4 ToES.

Guild Website:
Officers: Wolvigar/Sathestrias(GM), Aeorra, Matinna, Aleksandr, Hazmats
Type of guild: PvE, RP(School/Academy-themed)

Summary: Spiral is a newly formed guild, and leveling quickly. Many of our members are former members of Low Red Moon. We're a laid back, casual, social leveling guild that has all types of players. We're quirky and fun, mature and silly. We'd like to try raiding, eventually. Many of us are veteran raiders. We're looking for more relaxed players that would enjoy a tight-knit community, playing whichever way they choose.

Guild website: none at this time
Officers: Ceirce (GM), Davetrohl, Claryssa, Zaherra, Daxxton, Skaad
Type of guild: Social, leveling, casual (Horde)
<The Companions>

Summary: A new guild formed after The Companions of Skyrim. Mostly concerning the "Circle" members, thus being a werewolf themed guild, though not strictly. We shall battle the monsters of Azeroth together, as one strong unit.

Officers: Kryn(GM){send a message in-game if not online}
Type of guild: Mercenaries, Worgen/human members only. PvE/RP themed.

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