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Moon Guard
<The Kor'kron Legion>

Summary: Dedicated RP-PvP guild focused on the keeping of the Warchief's interests, wherever they be. Battle, glory and bloodshed await soldier! Lok'tar Ogar!

Guild Website:
Officers: Skullcrusha (GM), Suota, Catristine, Logarnosh, Splintze
Type of guild: RP-PvP. Military based.
<Gadget Bay Buccaneers>

Summary: We are a neutral Privateering/Swashbuckling/Merchant guild based out of Gadgetzan. We cross-faction rp with a goblin guild who is also based out of Gadgetzan. Hoping to team up with other guilds both horde and alliance.

Guild Website:
OOC Leader: Cadeline
IC Leader: Voting on Gadgetzan Mayor coming up.
Type of guild: RP-PvP/Rp-Leveling. Neutrality based RP.
<Extropic Institute>

Summary: The Extropic Institute seeks to increase standard of living for all (regardless of allegiances) through altruism and the advancement of sciences. We maintain room for academics as well as militants, and endeavor to maintain strong relationships with many other guilds faction wide.

Guild Website:
Officers: Chiyomii (GM), Xunyll, Huron, Arcelio, Zaradros, Ceverin, Jouselle
Type of guild: RP (though many of us PVP in an OOC capacity, and we have a couple of raiders)
Good work!
<Society of Misfits>

Summary: Raiding and optional PvP. We also sponsor roleplay events through the week and several members are serious roleplayers. We're currently recruiting players for our core raiding slots. Raid times are set to Friday and Saturday, 6:30pm-9:00pm server. We offer ventrilo, website and a guild bank.

Type of Guild: PvE/PvP and casual roleplay.
GM: Amorinda
Officers: Jinker, Silverpawe, Phedwin, Korothea, Boddrick and Azalon
<The League of Lordaeron>

Summary: A longstanding paramilitary organization, the League of Lordaeron and its soldiers are dedicated to the cleansing and reclamation of Lordaeron from those who have brought pain and suffering to both its soil and the denizens that tread it.

Guild Website:
Officers: Kerdic (GM), Demitria (co-GM), Hozak, Lilithia, Trinxxi, Palanar, Hallister
Type of guild: Heavy RP, DnD, RP-PvP.
Mely can you please remove the listing for More than Luck? It's merged with Warforged. Thanks! :D
Just to make sure Pylsur's request is noted, please remove the listing for <Ég Tala Ekki Islensku>.
The guild directory isn't organized by race so the sticky is useless. Now that you mention it, though, in light of recent events, I'd like my guild removed from your list, Melyria.
<The Dreadfang Order>

Summary: We are an order of lawfully evil worgen and humans, that reside on Raven Hill and Raven Hill Cemetery. Our goal is to increase our numbers, take control of Duskwood and obtain the Scythe of Elune, which is in Darnassus.
Guild Website:
Officers: GM- Netholas, Officers-Vanthius, Morginna, Sevath, Adiannå, Thiodan, Goodnose, Torious, Banefang, Nyelus and Novane.

Type of guild: Heavy Roleplaying guild that resides in Raven Hill, Duskwood.

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