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Aerie Peak
About Me!
Enjin Profile: http://www.enjin.com/profile/3695492

Barrìcade - Shadow/Shadow(pvp) - Mi Amore~ This is the toon I'm hoping to play going forward.

Wolfjerky - Fire/Arcane - This was my first toon, and has been my main from the beginning. Considering the 5.1 Fire nerf, and the upcoming 5.2 Arcane nerf, I'm looking to put the Mage on the back-burner. Gear may scale well in 5.3, could be the return of Fire, time will tell.

Shamanaid - Resto/Elemental - This is the toon I ran in my guild's core run in cata. I had numerous world parses, and became of of the best Shamans on my server. Nothing revolutionary, I took the hardest job, and tried to compliment the raid.

-Describe your role in a raid.
I would hope my role going forward is to melt raid bosses on the priest. I have immersed myself in the class, and believe I truly have some talent. I also love the raid utility I can bring to the raid; VE, POM, PW:S, and I also get Tranquility from symbiosis.
Specifically, my role early on: keep my head down, listen carefully, and get to know my guild mates. Playing the game comes naturally for me, but I feel one has to learn their role in each specific raid/team by learning from the Officers', and Core Members' examples respectively.

Describe your level of experience.
I didn't start playing wow until Cata. I was introduced to the game by my roommate, and have developed quite a passion for the game!
We formed a guild around patch 5.2 because we were not happy with our current situation.
We ended cata 6/8H, with 3 groups clearing per week. Despite constant efforts to recruit on our home server, it just hasn't worked out in MOP.
I was the heal lead for our main progression run. I am more than familiar with all raid CDs, and play all my toons at a very high level. I don't have much exp in MOP, as my guild was the only late night guild on my east coast server. I've downed 5/6MV, and 2/6HOF, through random late night pugs on a dying server.

Provide a link to a Recount or WWS/WOL parse.
I don't have any WOL for this xpac, as I've only been able to get in a few pugs. Had to do some searching around, but i found one of my mage before he race changed. I hope it will give you some idea of my skill level.
On my Priest last Sunday(479ilvl - currently 483), i was around 110-130k DPS on Elegon 10M pulls. I'd honestly LOVE to get some log entries. I'm quite familiar with the ergonomics of WOL, and can pull quite alot of info out of a session.

#14 World Yor'saj - Fire Mage - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-9kn6niqa2xft1jly/sum/damageDone/?s=6283&e=6502#Elfjerky (this was before the race-change to worgen :D)

How is your raid AWARENESS and REACTION TIME?
I believe my raid awareness is top notch. While healing the majority of last xpac, I got to see who was getting pounded and who wasn't, and WHY. I think healing is great for anyone looking to improve their raid awareness.
As for my reactions! I played Counter Strike 1.3-1.6 at a world class level from 2001- 2004.
Winter CPL '04 was the last one before Counter Strike Source came out. I played Source at a high level as well, but never developed the passion i once had for Counter Strike 1.3-1.6.
Furthermore, I love to learn the mechanics of a fight inside and out. "Knowing is half the battle" when it comes to actions and reactions.
I also believe PVP has really improved my multi-functionality as a Shadow Priest. PVP requires one to "react" rather than act, and in a very timely manner in most cases. It has also made me familiar with my entire "toolbox" of spells, talents, and glyphs.

What site(s) do you use for boss strategies?
I use L2R and Icy-veins to research fights/mechanics. As well as a few blogs and sites for the various classes I play. (exp: http://howtopriest.com/)

I am looking for a late night raid.
I can guarantee 100% attendance if you start your raid close to 12am(CST).
Translation - 10pm(PST)/11pm(MST)/1am(EST)
I could also make a daytime raid, but I've found most of those aren't very "progressive", I do have an open mind though!

I work 5-11PM(CST) Monday - Friday.
and 5-12AM(CST) Saturday.
I have Sundays off :D
It takes me about 15-30 minutes to get home depending on traffic.

Leave a response here, or on Enjin, if you think your guild and server would work for me. And most importantly, if you think I would work for your team.
You can also catch me on US'Eldre'Thalas after 11:30CST, and during the after noon as well. PST Wolfjerky, or Barrìcade(alt 141 = ì)
Those hours are harsh! :(
01/19/2013 09:38 AMPosted by Sciatika
Those hours are harsh! :(

My mind is pretty blown that you would refer to yourself as exceptional.
01/19/2013 05:35 PMPosted by Multini
My mind is pretty blown that you would refer to yourself as exceptional.

I've never heard of anyone who has ever raided with me, think any differently. Thanks for your input, I guess. GL to you and yours.
My mind is pretty blown that you would refer to yourself as exceptional.

I've never heard of anyone who has ever raided with me, think any differently. Thanks for your input, I guess. GL to you and yours.

Just lost credibility on this server.
01/19/2013 08:20 PMPosted by Multini
So please, don't refer to yourself as exceptional until you've done something respectable.

I call Bullcrap doing respectable things take me putting effort into something.

That is something Bull does not wish to do.
You know there's an entire world outside of people you've raided with. Some of us killed heroic deathwing even. Some of us in this case meaning every person on this server. I don't want to blow your mind because I know heroic deathwing is the hardest boss since the inception of warcraft in a lot of peoples mind, but believe it or not some people have downed legendary content even MORE difficult than that.

What I'm saying is being an exceptional player among the 10 people that can't clear mogu'shan vaults counts for something but it doesn't count for enough to label yourself as exceptional to you know, the rest of the world.

"Why are you getting so butt hurt over this Multani its not like anyone is going to take him seriously"

Nah, casuals need to learn their place. There is nothing wrong with being a mediocre or non-serious player but you can't be a mediocre player and say that you're good. This game sucks when everyone thinks they are hot natural biological waste because they can kill end bosses in lfr.

If you haven't worked hard enough to earn your rep, and talk like you're a real player, its an insult to everyone else who worked hard now (or previously) to become a good player. So please, don't refer to yourself as exceptional until you've done something respectable.

You realize you are talking about "Team Accomplishments", not "Personal Skill".

PS: Writing a dissertation on someones recruitment thread, shows how meaningless your personal time is to you, or anyone else in the world for that matter.
Yeah dude, dissertation, 3 paragraphs. Tough reading these days. But man if your team is bad, how do you know that you're a good player. I was the 2nd best player on my team when I was playing uh, 10 year old baseball or something. Our team won 2 games the entire 16 game (I think) season. Did I think I was an exceptional player in the league? No, because 10 year olds have more common sense than you do.
I'd like to think I'm a good player, but I haven't been on a raid team since........ the first month of cata

I'd like to think I'm a good player still. also

You realize you are talking about "Team Accomplishments", not "Personal Skill".

your putting yourself above your team?

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