A few noobish questions.

Hello, first off allow me to say that I am really enjoying my new Paladin creation and that Warcarft has become my new favorite past time. Secondly, I was just wanting a little bit of advice concerning my new Paladin as far as damage is concerned. Also, please bear in mind that my main is a level 90 Affliction warlock and I know comparing the two classes is probably the same as comparing apples and oranges.

I am currently level 42 and in 5 man dungeons my overall damage done is typically 3rd or 4th place. I was just wanting to make sure that this is "the way it is" for Paladins. Forgive me for not saying earlier but I am of the 'Ret' class. However, when we get a cowboy tank who pulls giant mobs my damage done goes through the roof and I usually finish the dungeon 2nd place every time.

Was just curious if something I might be doing wrong or if this is "just the way of it" for this class. I just love the Paladin class, and want to make sure that I am on the right track (BTW > this is only my third day as a Paladin as well.) Any feedback for a hero noob would be appreciated, thank you all so much for your time and patience.
At that level, with that gear, lower-to-bottom damage is to be expected; mechanics are not balanced around any level but max, where you have all the tools your spec needs to function at peak efficiency. You don't have Mastery (which adds a percentage of damage from Crusader Strike, Hammer of the Righteous, Hammer of Wrath, Templar's Verdict, and Divine Storm as bonus Holy damage), not do you have Inquisition (which increases your crit chance and your Holy damage done).

At cap, we can be incredibly strong if handled correctly. My guild was struggling on Protectors in Terrace this week for our first kill; the group wiped for four hours total between Tuesday and Wednesday. Late in raid on Wednesday, they booted the Rogue to bring me in, and we then proceeded to one-shot it. The value and strength of a Ret is entirely based on the player behind the toon (as it is with anything, really), but, if you learn it right, Ret - and Paladin in general - can be one of the most rewarding toons to play.
Awesome, well that makes me feel a lot better. I did go through the same thing with my lock, and I know at this level it is way to judge anything as far as damage/etc is concerned. I just wanted to make sure that I was on the right track for things as it were. LoL, with a gear score of 35 damaging a cricket is actually a heroic feat. ( :P )

I mainly rolled a Paladin due to survivability; because my lock while she can do 100K DPS, three or four good hits and that is the end of her. I just heard that Paladins can achieve an awesome survivability rating. Okay, well I will just keep playing my little Paladin, pay little or no attention to recount until I hit 90 sometime next week.

Thanks for your help, and it's good to know that later on in game we can truly become a force to be reckoned with.
I felt the same way at lower levels but things will turn around soon.

Ret does a lot of damage once you hit maybe around 70ish if I recall correctly. For PvE I find it a fun class.
Thanks for all the input guys; there is just something so bada** and appealing about being able to run head first into a group of ten mobs and destroy them, I guess that just comes from me playing a warlock and hiding in the shadows killing from afar. So far a very fun class guys; hopefully one day I'll get brave enough to try my hand at tanking or healing.
Also keep in mind that Ret (and melee classes in general) depend more on the quality of their weapons than casters do. An heirloom weapon is wonderful for leveling, if your warlock happens to have enough points for one, but dropped weapons are fine too. Your weapon right now is 12 levels below you, so it's probably past time for an upgrade.
Yeah, I know I need an upgrade but for some reason no decent weapon is dropping. Almost every weapon in my level range is -12 ~ 20 str. Would it be advisable to lower my strength that much?
Weapon damage is more important than strength. (That's the X-Y damage range, not the DPS number, BTW.) If a weapon with higher maximum damage but less strength drops, take it.
If it has substantially more weapon DPS, yes, but there should be weapons with strength too. Something like a Goresoaked Headreaper or X'caliboar would be just about perfect.
01/19/2013 08:19 PMPosted by Osanna
Yeah, I know I need an upgrade but for some reason no decent weapon is dropping. Almost every weapon in my level range is -12 ~ 20 str. Would it be advisable to lower my strength that much?

You more want to worry about weapon damage than Str right now. The str's still important, don't get me wrong, but at the low levels, your biggest upgrade to damage is well, damage. Your axe is still usable, but there's a bunch of upgrades you can get, notably in Scholomance and I think you're at the level where you can run Scarlet Monastery, all which have great chances of dropping two-handers.

Here's a decent list for weapons on Wowhead:


(Or, you can go the other route and buy the heirloom axe and never, ever have to worry about weapons until 80. :D)

Edit: Damnit, Keten and Ravicana beat me to it.
Since so many low level players are in BoAs AND the new abilities are not necessarily balanced (low level players way more powerful than ever before) you'll find tanking really easy.

Basically most groups will just destroy everything in their path without a whole lot of need for a tank. Heals are needed but are also really easy.

If you want to level fast you can queue as a tank to get instant queues and better gear. All you really need is a shield and 1H of some sort. I tanked my pally from like 25-70 and I don't recall a single problem with the dungeons except a few goofy players who would run ahead and pull everything.

Ret will get more enjoyable as you level. It's simplistic at low levels but gains DPS and complexity (in a good way) as you level up.
Thanks for all the replies guys, it has really helped me get to where I want to be! I equipped Darkmoon Executioner and all of a sudden I am doing twice the damage as the other DPS members in the dungeon group. Thanks for the wealth of information!

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