Undead Druid

I know the story of the game is very important, but my favorite race are the undead and i really enjoy the druid class but really hate the available druid class. Why just can't remake a little bit the history and everyone enjoy our favorite race and class? Please blizz?
You necroing numerous threads about it is not going to make it happen.
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Honestly when is Malfurion coming back and say "Who the hell are all these druids that I did not sanction?"

Well he already knows bout worgen, the only ones are trolls etc. Worgen were created by druids etc.
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You necroing numerous threads about it is not going to make it happen.

Yeah, and to add something else, it's just not going to happen at all,.. Druids are about life and nature, Undead is the total opposite in a sense...
Who says they can't be a freak of nature? I'm utterly insulted by such thoughts. Hah can't twist the very life into sinister form. If that can't happen, then the undead are human and not actually dead at all.
Yes gnome feral kitty, skeletal bear/cat, and panda bear bear.
I rather have goblin or dwarf druid.
Druids of the Flame completely oppose what regular Druids stand for. They want to incinerate everything. So why not Forsaken Druids? Bear Form could look like the Plague Bears in WPL. Bird Form could look like Bone Vultures. Tree Form could look like the undead Treants in Ghostlands.
If theres undead night elves its possible to be a zombie druid that would be cool
It's a horrible idea, for all the reasons mentioned already and more still, but in the interests of debate I'll help you out by posing the following questions:

What happens if a Val'kyr raises a NE/Tauren/Troll druid (I believe Worgen are immune)? Do they lose that connection to nature that enabled them to be druids (which itself brings up the question as to what is the nature of that connection, with the Gilneans only able to have it BECAUSE of the worgen curse and nature/hedge magic background)? If so, do they retain ANY druidic abilities?

Is there anything gained by being undead that could substitute for the lost connection to nature? (my guess would be "no" due to the natural vs unnatural stuff mentioned previously) Is there anything about being undead that would allow mimicking druidic abilities? (again, my guess would be "no", especially when you look at resto healing spells or the impracticality of shapeshifting sans nature magic)

In the end your best bet might be to play on an RP server with a character concept of a druid who died and is now a Forsaken mistweaver monk/hunter/affliction warlock/unholy DK/fury warrior (I'd be pissed too)/and so on because you've lost that connection to nature.
undead = unnatural
druid = natural

unnatural ≠ natural

that would be like hot = cold

nuff said

then why do fire mages rely on iceblock, deep freeze and RoF in pvp?
We already have too many Druid races. We don't need any more.
Though I won't support it lore-wise, I would make an Undead druid the second they come out.

I also want Tauren warlocks, but that's another impossibility I'll just have to deal with...
While it doesn't make sense that the undead could commune with nature and control it...since they're kinda all about "destroying" it...it does make sense that they could resurrect dead druids...who might have some knowledge...so either way lol.

Well that's a whole different thing then Natural and Unnatural

since you need me to hold your hand.

Natural means the druid draws on forces and creatures observed in nature: bears, cats, birds, insects, solar energy.

Unnatural means things that are not observed in nature: something that is dead coming back to life and walking around.

and if you are still having trouble with this simple concept I would like to refer you to the first track number of the movie "The Lion King".

Again Natural and Unnatural is a whole different topic. Its not natural to turn yourself into a bear or a cat even if you are a druid. Shape shifting is a unnatural act regardless if your a druid or not. Drawing upon Nature itself for power is also a unnatural act simply because its the power of nature and is not supposed to be bent so someone's will. Natural and Unnatural doesn't work for this topic friend.

And The Lion King doesn't really cover druids and Undead in the movie so kinda stupid to even bring it up.
undead druid. Wouldn't that be more like a blighter? Which is the opposite of druidness. Destroy all things nature for your power and control/shapeshift into undead animals.

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