[A] Brimstone Seeks a Few Good Raiders

Greetings from [Brimstone]!

We are a tight-knit small core of raiders that have known each other for over 6 years (some of you may remember the Horde guild [Wretched], where we all started out). Over time, some of us have split off to other servers and guilds including [Elitist Jerks] (yes, the real one) but we have always stayed in close contact.

We are going to be raiding again in the next couple of weeks and we need quality players to fill out our 10-man roster. Our current needs are:

1 tank: (Non-druid)
2-3 Healers (any class)
2-3 DPS (primarily melee)

Even if your role/class is not listed here, we will always consider excellent applicants.

I'll keep this short and sweet, though we will want to know a lot about you before bringing you on. To apply, just make an account on our forums and introduce yourself. Include something about you, your experience and your goals for this expansion.

Forums link: http://wretched-guild.com/

Thanks for reading!
Hey Suno,

Are you guys still looking to recruit?

I have a group of 3 (including myself) who have been raiding together since vanilla. 1 Priest Healer, 2 Melee DPS (warrior & rogue)

We just reactivated for MoP and are more or less fresh 90s working on heroic/jp gear, dailies for rep, and professions to maximize our DPS. We are currently un-gemmed/enchanted/reforged, however we have been working hard and quick farming heroics and leveling up our rep/profs.

We will apply to your site, but I thought I would check in first.
We've been teaming up with a handful of guys from another guild to complete normal raids. We are still interested in more folks. Between them and us, we have about 7 quality raiders and others that are not so much. Once you guys get up to about 470 let me know and we'll bring you along to see how you're doing.

- Prejudice

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