<Huge in Japan> selling things

<Huge in Japan> is selling stuff again

MSV 6/6hm + gear - 500k
HOF 6/6hm + gear - 600k

Read These Notes

All loot that drops will be given to you if its not needed for a MAIN's raid spec. Note that some weeks we may have multiple buyers in which case you'll get first dibs on one spec of your choice (let us know in advance - it doesn't need to be what spec you are in the raid as). Contact us for information on specific gear availability.

All gold will be exchanged at the start of the raid : If for some reason the run is not completed / we cannot work out a reschedule date the gold will be given back to you.

During the run you are responsible for your self. You can participate in the raid with being in mumble and we will give you a quick run down of the fights. If you choose to be alive during the pulls you will need to be in mumble with the raid. Most likely on some fights you will be told to stand in something bad and die.

Feel free to contact me (Delaghettoh) or any of our raiders in game or visit our website huge-guild.net
Remember clearing these places before 5.2 gives you a nifty feat of strength :)
You can also contact Babyjace in game he is much cooler than Delaghettoh!
babyjace is totes lame
if i had to choose id msg chillbros
... do you think I'm made of money?!
Chillbros, you wouldn't happen to have been on Eonar as a handsome orc shaman would you?
what are your prices?
People actually pay for this?

All of my what
01/21/2013 04:50 PMPosted by Vicowned
what are your prices?

MSV 6/6hm + gear - 500k
HOF 6/6hm + gear - 600k
01/21/2013 09:33 AMPosted by Chillbros

AMG! AMG! How you doing?
pretty good pretty good

what was your name on eonar? don't recognize plaguesqt :(
wow Chillbros you jerk

Everyone knows Plaguesqt #1.
#1 #1Tourettes#1 #1
Well ... HiJ does have all of my favorite fem worgen hunters ... <3
They pay to get carried then when you fill your empty raid slots with a pug who has been carried but has all the kills, you will say "WHAT THE DUECE?!" haha and kick them anyways.
According to your armory, you losers can't even kill Heroic Garalon.

I call shenanigans.

We exploit rech, duh....

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