<Eradicate> [2/16H] wants you!

Want to see and down heroic content but your time is very limited? We'd love to talk to you!

<Eradicate> is currently looking for the following to fill our core 10 man group:

***Prot Paly/Warrior


Eradicate formed in November 2012 to push progression on a casual raid schedule. Many of us have professional careers, families, and other various obligations which only allows us to raid on a limited time frame. We raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-10:30 server. With only raiding seven hours a week, we take our time during raids very serious and expect nothing but the best from you. With currently pushing heroic content, we ask that you be at least 388 ilvl when applying. To learn more about us, please contact Jayana or myself in-game. You can also learn more and apply at our website:

bump for updates
We are also looking for a Lock!
bump for more updates!
Make that a Mage or a Boomkin!
Bump for more updates....ele shamans and hunters come raid with us!
To the top for updates!
To the top for updates. Let's clear some more heroics before 5.2!
Still looking for a hunter? I looked at your recruitment page on your site, but I'm not actually seeing a way to apply. Under the "Apply to Eradicate Here!" header, it says "you cannot submit the form." Weird yeah?

Anyway, I'm interested and I think I would be a good fit. Message me in game if you are interested.

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