Prot Paladin: Challenge mode question (stats)

The gear I have equiped is what I'm using for challenge modes, I've done 5 of them with Gold without huge hurdles. I have 2 of the hardest ones imo and 2 pretty ez ones left as of right this moment we are attempting scarlet monastery; the huge pull in the hallway after the first boss still makes my butt tightin up :P but is doable the main question I had before I do this for raiding;

Is a haste build viable for challenge modes i.e. If i regem and switch out some of my gear with haste/mastery gear will it cause me to take way more dmg with the loss of dodge/parry. With my current limit on gear I would end up with maybe 4-5k Haste.

Paladin Challenge modes: 5/9 Gold
Death Knight challenge M: 9/9 Gold
Both tank roles.
Paladin tank Team: Prot pally, MW monk, ele shaman, warlock, & either (A: hunter or B: fury warrior)
I've done it with both setups. My first time thru I went with a hit/exp cap'd build and the rest into mastery.

I've currently swapped to the haste build for current end game tanking, and just never change gems/enchants when I go back to help guildies get their golds, and it works just as fine. There are some pulls that I feel as though a mastery build would be better than a haste build, but choosing one over the other will not keep you from getting golds.

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