ret is balanced and this is bad

The problem with ret from my point of view is that other classes just AREN'T balanced and being really the only complete class atm is making us very weak. Other classes have so many gimmicks it makes them viable for so many more things. I like the idea of a balanced game not a balanced class. We are kinda right in the middle of everything from dmg to survivability to utility. I know its nice to have different classes able to do more things and different things but not to the point when there are glaring advantages to it. I feel like I am a jack of all trades, literally, we are built around healing tanking and dpsing, making it so we dont feel like we can really wreck !@#$ any longer. I have been playing this pally since like wrath I think and I just feel that we are far too plain jane atm. Spell effects and bubbles only carry you so far. I love my burst, but I would trade it in a heartbeat for sustainability. I love my utility but I would trade it in a heartbeat for an advantage in the setup against something besides warriors and rogues. Sorry warriors I smash you. I dont want to trade dmg for healing or healing for dmg I want to be treated like other classes, keep prot in prot spec, keep ret in ret, and keep holy in holy spec. Our skills are strong but only carry us so far into a fight, once our gimmicks are over everyone seems to have everything under control while our badass skills which are meant for different specs go unused. I am tired of being the jack of all trades. I love ret, but I want to be RET, not a useless jack of all trades. And if you cant balance the other classes then we being a perfectly balanced class(or pretty damn close) seem like we are at a disadvantage. I am not saying buff ret. I am saying if you give me the choice to dps then make my dps viable. If you give me a chance to heal then make me a healer. If you are going to make me a tank then make it so I can stay alive.(really dont have any problems with prot atm actually just saying lol) This is just my point of view on this. I am not gonna quit wow but its really making it not very epic being mediocre at everything.
By the light, look at that wall of text!

Paragraphs my good man, paragraphs!
This doesn't mean that Ret should have to sit and wait for the next 5-8 seasons to be viable again.
By the light, look at that wall of text!

Paragraphs my good man, paragraphs!
Shrug i'm on that battleground part of the legendary quest because i have to go into a BG as ret since prot isn't viable.. and i'd rather do just about anything else then BG on my paladin >_>
i know paragraphs my good man paragraphs but just still, I know my class and I know its falling behind where it could be at
By the light, look at that wall of text!

Paragraphs my good man, paragraphs!
At what point are you supposed to believe 7 -10 damage specs are overpowered and ret is balanced. Its more like ret's underpowered and you have bought into this balance act nonsense that is being spoon fed to you by some developer that has chopped up rets unique abilities that now make up half of our new class talents. We bring 3 cc's every 2minutes (2 single target stuns that do no damage and ae blind that does no damage) . A warrior can provide a greater amount of cc in a 20 second window then what we can do in 2 minutes. Having to talent for a snare as a melee dps is a joke, HoJ as a single target stun ability could be on a 20 sec cd baseline and still not be op. Its too bad the wings minor glyph didnt hide my wings and remove the CC me sign i hold while AW is active.
We are NOT balanced if everyone else is leaps and bounds ahead of us.
We are behind. We are under powered. There is no "balance" in this game. Balance is the nice way of saying "you're under powered and not getting buffed"
If you look at it close enough, you can clearly see the wall of text forming a face.

Ret is not balanced. With mortal strike and battle fatigue rolling wog only heals me for 15-20k.

With battle fatigue and mortal strike rolling on my lock I can ember tap for 100k.

That's not balanced.

I understand that you want to convince people that you're good and ret is balanced with your big block of text.

But you arent, and it isn't.

We're getting fixed soon.

ITT we're getting fixed soon and paragraphs are cool.
Bleeding eyes. Enter key is your friend.

Anyway, while the buff to healing sounds nice, until its on the ptr (last time i checked it was not) and we see what the numbers are i am skeptical.

Personally, i dont think a healing buff well make ret too much better. It certainly will not make the spec as good as say a current war or what rogues are shaping up to be in the ptr. Everyone will still prefer a holy as they have all of our utility plus massive heals. All ret brings is cd smash time. Which b/c of their visual effects make us huge cc targets. So we never really get to use them (unless you pop bubble which is pretty counter productive).

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