Holy Paladin & Rebuke

I noticed yesterday that Rebuke is melee-ranged, so it requires that you are close to the target in order to use it. My question is this: How often should Rebuke be used in PvE and PvP for holy paladin? Thanks.
in pve a holy should only have to rebuke if no one else can do the interrupt

in pvp it is situational .... it can help you start a cc chain of caster class's (for a slightly longer chain) or save you and your team from cc's like fear, cyclone and polymorph.

so depends on the situation you in how often and they play style/set up you have

a cc chain would go like rebuke inturpt of powerfull heal then HoJ to Repentance to Blinding (or blinding then repentance if they trinket the stun)

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