LF healer for 3s Hunter/UH/X (semi serious)

Earthen Ring
I know this is probably a lost cause, cause well its ER. But if any one is interested in running this comp come next season (If you want to hop in with us till the end that would be fantastic) shoot either myself or Ferrekin a msg.

We are currently capping 2s for fun, but would like to try and push 3s come 5.2 when stuff is more "balanced". (Aka UH gets a buff)

Looking for someone that not super serious and cool with that random bad night when you keep queing into that OP comp and can deal with the comments that will come out when getting plowed into the ground.

Goal is to hit 1500 min, hoping for higher but well anyone seriously paying attention to arenas currently know how balanced things are.

Thanks for any responses we are pretty down to earth, but fair warning do have an adult humor.

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