[H] Ret Pally and Disc Priest

Earthen Ring
iLvl: Both 487
Experience: 6/6 Mogu 1/6 HoF
Available Days: Fri-Sun

We’ve been on server for a while and have played WoW for quite some time. We were on a couple different teams throughout Cata and we recently left our Social/Casual raiding guild in pursuit of a team that could offer up more progression with less drama. We are self-sufficient and alway have our own flasks/potions and food if need be. We are looking for a team/guild of active players who like to socialize with each other and help us grow as players.
I had the opportunity to raid with Theia last night in ToeS and she did a great job. Granted it was only for one boss, but we pulled her in last minute and chucked her to the wolves so to speak. With little explanation she executed very well, her hps seemed strong enough to ensure a successful kill (No Deaths). I have not had the opportunity to raid with your Ret Pally partner but if we as a team needed a healer Theia would definitely have been asked to apply for our team.

I hope you guys find a nice home.

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