[A] Usurpers Late Night 10 Man LFM

Hey everyone! Usurpers is a guild made by a few friends in the last expansion and we are now wanting to give it a go in the current and next tier of this one. We are relatively new to this expansion and so will basically be starting from the ground up. We are experienced players but are only at half of what we need to do a full 10man run. We have pugged and completed 6/6 normal MSV, but who hasn't by now, nearly killed Garalon first night going in, and want to start moving on into the deeper raids. If you are interested in a friendly, but serious, raid environment then maybe Usurpers is for you.

We raid on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30-12:30 server.

Currently in need of:

1 Tank
1 Healer

If interested please send in game mail to either Karavala or Uttam, or you may apply at www.usurpers.guildportal.com. Thank you for your time and good luck out there in Azeroth.
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My friend and I have just resumed playing after quite a long break. This sounds like something we'd be interested in!

In-game contacts: Crescentia, Tymmi
Sounds good, unfortunately neither of you are on at the moment. I would friend karavala or myself and we can see about what we can do. Cheers
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Wanted to pass along to anyone out there who is looking for a well-focused, late-night raiding environment...you may find a home here.

Did a little co-guild raid with the boys (and lotsa ladies btw <wink, wink, nudge, nudge>) of Usurpers last night and had a blast!

Even when they let the little boys speak. <ZING!>

The Raid Lead is incredibly well informed of each encounter and did an excellent job of leading, taking advice, changing things up quickly when necessary, and always regarded each wipe with the positives...i.e. what we all just learned.

My guys and I look forward to raiding with them again if they ever have a need.

All the best Ut!


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If you guys are in need of a DK dps I would urge you to check out Argurìos, he's a good friend of mine just simply cannot raid the same times we can. He's looking for a later raid and I think he would fit right in. You can either message me here and I can get a hold of him via skype or you can talk to him in game though he has a stupid funny character >_>
Hey there!

My friend Radiasith and I are in the same kind of situation as it sounds like your guild is. Both of us are well experienced, just not so much in this expansion. I'm an elemental shaman and he is a discipline priest. None of you seem to be online at the moment, so get in touch with either of us when you can and we'd like to talk! Thanks

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