[A] RBG Team LFM (Primarily for 5.2 Push)

Hello Kel'Thuzad! We are in the process of restructuring our RBG team for the 5.2 grind and need a few more skilled players to fill out the squad. I am taking on the position of re-organizing the team but we would like to find a player interested in leading in games!

*We currently have the following roles;
Heals: Paladin/Shaman
DPS: Warrior/DeathKnight/Priest/Rogue
*We are looking for the following roles;
Heals: Druid/Monk
DPS: Druid (Boomkin)/Mage/Warlock
Tank: Druid/Warrior
*This list is based on priority but is not exhaustive! If your class/role is not listed but you have the interest in joining us feel free to inquire. We are always looking for more experienced, talented players! However, please understand that every member of this team has 2200-2400 RBG experience and we will be expecting the same from you. Any arena experience is highly encouraged and we require that you have an upgraded Tier 2 weapon from the current season. If you have previously led high rated RBG groups and are interested in taking a leadership position within the team as far as call outs, strategy, etc. we want you!
*Applicants need to reply to this thread AND THEN contact either myself or Kenshenub in game. Feel free to add my battletag but please DO NOT send me a friend request without a note that says you are an RBG applicant. I delete any request that I am unfamiliar with; BT: Clarity#1408
Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

Interested in this, I'll add you this evening to tag.
I talked to ken in game and would like to talk to you as we'll! I sent you a realid request, so hopefully we can talk soon!
Got both of your requests and have added!
Sent you a real ID request

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