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Moon Guard
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01/27/2013 12:28 AMPosted by Allebrom
The Sun never sets in the East.

i think imma see if i can join the dominion on my elf ._. the RP at the shrine on new years was quite fun, would love to RP some more with you guys!
Little bit of propaganda spewing here for a story between Lineage and our guild. IC portion below.

Massacre at Blightblossom Settlement

Ghostlands, Quel’Thalas – Brave are the few that venture forth in the name or rebuilding the lands of the Sin’Dorei, and righteous are those pilgrims who seek to settle the wild and unruly lands still scarred by the Scourge. These adventurous souls bring honor to Quel’Thalas, and have earned a great respect from those who remain within the city’s walls. As of yesterday, we have been informed that one such settlement, Blightblossom, located southwest of Tranquillien, along the coast line, has been ransacked, and the inhabitants brutally murdered in cold blood.

The Tranquillien Guard reports that concerns began when the routine flow of personnel from the Settlement abruptly ceased, and Tranqueillien’s own magisters were unable to establish contact. Scouting reports indicate that the Settlement had been raided days ago, and what remained of the camp was the charred ruins of the site. The picture painted by these reports is gruesome, a level of butchery not seen since the Troll Wars; the women and children rounded off from the men, set ablaze for fun, ashen bodies of newborns still clinging to their mother’s breasts; the men tortured, their corpses left on display; and from all of them, one and alike, their right ears removed as trophies – one can only hope posthumously, but not guaranteed.

Weapons marks and blood left by perpetrators indicates the attackers to have been Kaldorei in nature; although to what banner they claim remains a mystery. Local sources have stated that a Kaldorei band, known as Lineage of the Moon, has threatened the peace within the region before. This organization has yet to claim responsibility for the attack, but it is assumed unlikely that such a declaration shall be made.

When pressed for his opinion, Volanaro Ael’aran, recently appointed Sovereign of the Dominion of the Sun, a subsidiary of the Reliquary and militia service of Quel’Thalas, had this to say:

“We have only just buried a great leader, and yet these animals cannot sate their thirst for blood. We have raised our banners, and they have raised their swords. The souls lost at Blightblossom shall be avenged, and unlike our primitive Kaldorei opponents, we shall not use war to fulfill such revolting fetishes, nor shall we hide our banner and play innocent of the lives that we will take; when we strike, the Alliance will know, and I can say this – it will be soon.”

The Ghostlands, an original site of contention between the Sin’dorei and the Kaldorei, may yet become the center stage for battle once more. Following the news of Blightblossom’s destruction, Sovereign Ael’aran has stated that 100 Dominion forces, working closely with the Tranquillien Guard and Silvermoon Magistrate, shall be sent to reinforce the area to ward off future attacks.

Varinessia Mal’nera, The Silvermoon Herald
01/24/2013 04:13 PMPosted by Arandür
Vol is both fat and smells bad.

I can confirm both of Aran's statements. Vol also loves gypsies.

But Vol is the nicest person. I want some candy!
Ginger mage reporting in. With caramel apple lollipops.
01/28/2013 01:57 AMPosted by Celandina
Ginger mage reporting in. With caramel apple lollipops.





:: crawls by on stomach and steals caramel apple lollipops ::
*bumps Vol out of the way*

*flips hair*

Still prettier than him.
oh look, page of only females and a pandaman. and a troll now.
01/28/2013 01:55 PMPosted by Jarilo
oh look, page of only females and a pandaman. and a troll now.

Oh, you
You know...for loving the sun so much you guys are really pale.
so, once i work up the energy, im probably gonna apply to the dominion. remember that RP with some of yall at new years in the shrine, and feel like it would be a good place to go :o met some real nice people there, including one elven priest that a certain pandaren kept calling FOOD LADY!

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