<Elements> 10m Raid Team LF OT and DPS

So a little bit about who this group is and what were looking for. We currently are an Alliance 10m raiding group on Us-Turalyon. Majority of us were in a guild during dragon soul that i myself was the GM of and Raid leader, We went 8/8H in late march and cleared until the end of Cata. In August or so half of us took some time off for school and just a general break, Therefore the guild disbanding from raiding and a few of us went to raid elsewhere. But now weve come back and trying to bring back a solid roster to get back into the heroic raiding. Sucks that we missed the progression race of this tier, but were looking to really get into the next tier.

We started raid last week and due to irl issues with our current OT and a few dps, i need to find a full time replacements. We are 6/6 MsV, 3/6 HoF and 3/4 ToES. (Elite) Were looking to finish out normals and maybe a few heroics before the 5.2 patch drops in a few weeks. Were a really dedicated group of people who know how to play the game, just need to fill out the roster with these spots.

We are currently looking for...
Off-Tank: [Monk, Druid, Warrior] High Need
Range DPS: [Mage, Shaman, Druid]
Melee DPS: [Rogue, DK, Warrior]
Note: These are all Full-Time raid spots

Our Raid times/days are Tues-Wed-Sun 6:30-10:30 EST with planned optional alt runs, challenge modes and what not. If your interested please Get ahold of me or my officer Drizzy Via RealID - Shaffer#1932 & Drizzy#1635 or in game. Hope to speak with you soon!
still looking
^ This guy has red hair and loves to meet new people, so come on and hit him up!
I'm pretty cold living way up north, maybe a fire mage could keep me warm?
Brewmaster monks or guardian druids! where are you :D

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