<Divine Vigilance> 4/13 Heroic LFMORE!

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Raid times: Tue/Thur/Sun, PST 5:50PM invites and raid to 10PM.
Raid Type: We are a semi-hardcore 25man raid.
Progression: 4/13 Heroic, 12/12 Normal.
Loot System: Council + Wishlist twist.

Our needs are as follows -
Healers: Holy/Disc Priest, MistWeaver Monk, and Resto Shaman.
DPS: Warlocks, Shadow Priests, Mages and Warriors.

If you are one of the above and are a skilled player, you could easily step into one of our core raiding spots. As always experience is preferred, but not required.

Divine Vigilance is a “day one” guild, but has recently been revived after 2 years absence of the raiding scene. Our current focus is to build a strong 25 man and to get back to our rankings years ago, being one of the most respected and accomplished guilds on the server, and beyond. Divine Vigilance is run by and filled with experienced, veteran players who have a few world firsts, top 50 kills, and have played in numerous famous guilds from Void to Seriously Casual.

If you want to raid progressively, have fun, be in a no-BS environment and actually enjoy your 15$ a month and expect the same from others, Divine Vigilance can fit you very well.

Visit our website @ www.divinevigilance.com
You can contact me in-game, or on battleID at Eolian#1673
5/16 Heroics now.
01/20/2013 10:02 PMPosted by Czarnick
5/16 Heroics now.

Counting is hard.
lmao Nick....!
You guys didn't kill Spirit Kings while I was gone!? This is madness.
Bump for a healer that doesn't break spirit king shields... yes it's true.
Congratz on your progress. It's nice to see you guys coming back and that there are more strong 25m guilds :D
Shennin, PM me on the forums or in game would like to talk to you.
01/22/2013 09:33 AMPosted by Guidinglight
Shennin, PM me on the forums or in game would like to talk to you.

His battle tag is shennin#1781, just don't tell him who gave you this information.
Thanks Czarnick, I read the post. I am at work which why I specified when to PM me :P.
Tomorrow we start Heroic HoF. I should probably read up on the fights.
We're looking for a new shadow priest too, our current spriest is too handsy.
Ya !@#$ our current shadow priest. He needs to go.
Where can I find a Mistweaver Monk?
I don't know recruitment wise but I personally would love to have a Mistweaver Monk standing next to me. We can be best of friends.
BTW, 4/6H and 1/6H.
Still looking for a new spriest.
I wish both our hunters were good. Spampers just puts our other hunter to shame.

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