Server transfer prices

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25 bucks american.

Pretty damn cheap of a price I think. Is that really too much for some households or younger players to aquire for a game? Is it just that you dont want to involve any real money when it comes to your gaming? What do you players think?

The price is fine with me and over my 6 years Ive spent close to 600 bucks for all my toons moving around.
It is very cheap considering that this was a player requested optional service.

Before this was introduced forum posters were begging for this service and often said that they would gladly pay over $100,00 for this service.

I think it was great that Blizzard set a cost that was much lower that the suggested cost the the players were willing to pay.

The $25.00 price is set at an appropriate rate to allow players, that feel strongly enough, to transfer but also is high enough to deter server hopping on a whim.

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