[A][25][16/16N 1/12] Order and Chaos LFM

Hello all!

Order and Chaos is looking for some new players to add to our core 10N Raid. We are a tight group focused on efficient and effective 10 Man raiding.

Almost all of our players have raiding experience back to vanilla, and use many metrics to gauge performance or lackthereof.

Our current schedule is;

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8-11PM Server Time

We are currently looking for;

1 Mage
1 Tank

Any Other interested DPS
Please message myself in-game
Still Looking for a tank! Also Considering Blood DK!
updated schedule and recruitment status
I could bring either a priest or mage toon. IF you need either class.
updated, changed recruitment status.
updated requirements
updated req's
13/16 now
now need a mage
updated requirements. and kill count
now need tank

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