WoW will not Die!!!

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Until someone makes a better game. There are plenty of decent games. And even some good games. Some have better singular aspects. But as a complete package of a game... there is just isnt a better one out there. And this is coming from someone, whom has gotten a little burnt out on WoW and is taking a break.
When a game comes along that claims my full attention I'm not going to care if wow lives a hundred years or dies two seconds after I log out. Why should anyone else care?
World of Warcraft won't die because of another game, it will die because of the community, and possible design mistakes, no offence blizzard.

You see, the wow community outside your guild is really toxic, what keeps people playing is a nice game design that makes the toxic environment worth it.

As soon as blizzard makes a design bobo that doesn't outweigh the toxic community, this game is out of here.

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