If you do not RP here...

Why did you roll here?

Not looking for a quarrel, just genuinely curious.
I've wondered this too, but also I noticed that RP isn't as common on this realm as a few others I've dipped my toe in
w'at 're you talk'in about....or ta?

shhhhh.....go back to sleep

I first rolled here under advisement of when I first started WOW...in Cata during the free trial. After looking around I love this realm, well with the exception of the huge horde bias. The Alliance are few in number here but luckily for the Horde the know how to fight very well and are excellent in the RP.
I noticed in a realm I have another toon in that RP is common place in the world on both sides and it is irregular to see someone out of character. The down side on this realm is that PvP doesn't happen....which creates lore problems for me.

I t'ink it's time I went ta t'at doct'r Luebella keeps mention'in....

Zhorkosh, I have been asking myself that very question for nearly four years.

When I came to RH years ago (during BC) I assumed everyone on the realm was "role playing".
It was quite embarrassing at first. I would walk up to everyone and attempt to role play with them. More times than I care to admit I got a "What the hell?" from the Non RPers. I honestly thought it was because of my poor role playing skills at first. I am still not a very good role player, but I am a little wiser now. Not everyone knew they were playing on an RP realm.

The realms are clearly labeled RP, PVP, RP-PVP. But when I installed the game 7 years ago I seriously doubt I knew what those meant.

OH' and here is another RP thread on the Blizzard Forums for Ravenholdt:
Because friends of mine were playing on this server and told me to roll over here. I was kinda worried and wondered why is was an rp server and my friend said it wasn't really that big in RP so I went ahead and played with them till they quit wow.
I was on one of the oldest PvP realms, Archimonde. For w/e reason(s), Undead Lords decided to come here, and I enjoyed the guild, so I decided to follow their lead.

I'm glad I did. Traffic is low here now, but I am fine. There are cool people playing both sides (the cooler being {now} the Alliance, of course).

I am not a heavy RPer at all, but I try from time to time. I mostly prefer to watch (if you know what I mean).

When I initially rolled (day1 vanilla) it was on a PVP-Horde server. I played there for like a year and then transferred to a PVE progression server with some co-workers. It was on a RP-PVP server and I really liked the population.

I quit the game, but was brought back in by some friends onto this server. When they left or quit- I stayed around. I don't like the {OMG I'M HARDCORE} servers and I don't like the {race to the finish!} PVE servers...

I have no problem with RP, though I've never really done it. I have backstories and concepts for my characters -but I've never really gotten deep into RP... yet.

Maybe someday?
RPvP servers tend to have the best communities.
Online RP is a pale ghost of the RP that can be achieved in my weekly Pathfinder sessions.

Playing tabletop RPGs has killed any desire to do RP in any electronic format. Not only killed it, but flung it's guts to the four winds, and stomped on the body until it's a fine paste of dirt and meat. Lacking the actual interaction and immediacy of other people, in-game RP tends to make me very angry, rather than supplying any satisfaction.

But I stay because this is all the people I know in-game and besides, this is where I keep my stuff.
A close friend of mine rolled here when he got fed up with our ally guild on Darkspear. I followed and rolled a DK and leveled another BM Hunter. In that time, I found that the community here is better than the server I was on.

In time, I too became fed up with my ally guild and transferred all my ally toons here but my Human DK.

Though the economy is slow and not as profitable, I do find that the people; maybe not all but a majority, are pretty decent as opposed to the self involved pvp heros on DS.

On the RP aspect, though I dont RP officially, I do consider playing a character in some aspect RP'ing. You see through their eyes while in the game.
Quite the claim you've made there! Very well. If you can be so sure of this statement you've made, then clearly you've done enough research and have enough facts to back it up.

I look forward to your reply. I'm just -waiting- to be convinced! I'm sure that you, my friend, are the man to convince me.


Don't feed the trolls, folks! Nothing to see here.

EDIT: Some interesting discussions here! I'm glad Ravenholdt is a great place to be for both RPers and non-RPers alike.
01/23/2013 06:10 AMPosted by Candela
Don't feed the trolls, folks! Nothing to see here.

I think something funny to do with trolls is to put them on ignore, and then just respond with any three random words that seem descriptive -- like "Narcissistic personality disorder"

Or, you know, report them as trolls and watch their posts start to vanish, because they can NEVER restrain themselves enough not to engage in flaming. ^_^

On the RP aspect, though I dont RP officially, I do consider playing a character in some aspect RP'ing. You see through their eyes while in the game.

That's a really good point!

You don't necessarily need to RP in the traditional sense of interacting with others ICly to immerse yourself in your character. I have a couple of friends who do this because their characters are not the type to make friends and get involved in the lives of others. They walk a lonely road--albeit one that is full of imagination!

EDIT: Apparently I don't know how to quote people correctly! D:
01/22/2013 12:12 PMPosted by Muppett
Maybe someday?

You never know if you'll like it till you try it! Sort of like that art class or seafood recipe that you've always thought about.


... Oh, this argument is as young as a seven year old toddler.

I don't understand how you see an argument in my question, but whatever makes you happy, go for it.
01/22/2013 06:49 PMPosted by Tîmelord
RPvP servers tend to have the best communities.

How so, Timelord? What makes them different?
How so, Timelord? What makes them different?

Punctuation, for starters.

: )

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