Arcane torrent> holy power

Should arcane torrent refund holy power instead of mana? On my DK as well as it's main function i find it to be of great use for that one extra frost strike here and there. As i don't tank or heal would love to hear some opinions on this from all sides.
Right now it works out to 1/6 of a Divine Plea (possibly more considering you can AT on cooldown with no healing penalty, whereas DP needs to be used with some caution), which isn't bad by any means. I think adding a little burst healing cooldown from one Holy Power wouldn't be a bad replacement, not sure which is more "powerful" since it's apples and oranges but personally I'd lean towards the HP.

Obviously Ret and Prot would be all "ZOMG BLIZZARD YES" and then immediately forget about it and go back to complaining.
If they changed it for Paladins, wouldn't they have to change it for all classes and specs? As is it restore's 2% of your "power". If they changed it to HoPo, how would that work with other secondary resources?

There are variances between the amount of secondary resource your can have, and not all race/class combos use secondary (in some cases primary) resources.

Paladin - Holy Power 5 charges
DK - Runes 6 total
Rogue - Combo Points 5
Monk - Chi up to 5
Warlock - Shards 4 Fury 1000 Embers 40
Spriest - Orbs 3

Mage - No secondary
Warrior - No Secondary
Holy/Disco Priest - No Secondary
Hunter - No Secondary

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