LF Casual Raiding Guild.

Earthen Ring
Me and my wife are new to the server, and we are interested in a casual raiding experience at the moment, nothing too hardcore or time consuming. We both enjoy the game and know how to play our class, but what we are really looking for is the fun factor that WoW has been unable to provide us lately. Just post here if your guild is casual, raids, and the members don't just log in to raid then log out.

Also we are only available after 8:00 PST every night for raiding.
Hello and welcome to Earthen Ring!

I'm an officer in <Order of the Griffon> and I believe we can offer the type of guild and atmosphere you are looking for. I will reach out to you in game to discuss the details.

If you'd like to read more about our group to see what we're about, please see our recruitment thread.


Hope to catch you online!

Talk to you soon.

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