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This thread might get deleted. Oh well.

So here's the deal. I'm on Argent Dawn, folks here are working on trying to get our community more active and working on trying to facilitate RP with people we find in CRZ. Addon data doesn't transmit over CRZ :(. Our server, along with Kirin Tor, have started threads for users on both servers to post their MRP/FlagRSP/TRP profiles in so people on other servers we are linked to can go see this information should they choose.

Our server's forums are the only RP server forums without a single RP related sticky (that I found, I could be overlooking something), its really pathetic. I don't know if not enough people are clicking it or if the person managing our forums is asleep at the wheel.

How you can help:
If you are on AD or KT (or earthen ring for that matter): post your profile and request sticky.
If you aren't on AD/KT: please request sticky.

It would help our community out.
Here's the thread:

Thanks for your time.
I support this action entirely. Do this. Pretty please.

With sugar on top.

And sprinkles.

And if you're good, a cherry.
Sticky requested!
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Sticky requested!

Thank you! Now have a cookie for your efforts. :D
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Sticky requested!
Awesome. Thanks.
Sign me up Brotha. It's been a long time since I've seen someone roleplay on Argent Dawn Horde Side. Talk some time, maybe on Tuesday? Ill go post a thing now.
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Sticky requested!
Name: Rogozsnitsa "Rogo" Zulabar
Race: Troll
Birthplace: Within the troll sector of BlackRockSpire
Currently Lives In: Mogul, Usually hangs out in Tanaris.
Hair Color: Orange? ( I honestly haven't taken off a helm on my Troll in a LONG TIME, since BC maybe, I just did it now to check... :() )
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 25

History: Rogo was born and orphan persay, he was found by smolderthorn scouts as child, and his exact home tribe has yet to be found. Within Smolderthorn, he grew up in the "streets" of lower city of the black-rock spire, defending himself from other trolls who called him "different" because he was not smolerthorn origin. One day while he explored the beginning part of the lower city, he found an orc who invited him to his house because he though Rogo was lost. They talked to each other and quickly became friends.

One day, the orc reviled to him that he was a shaman, which wouldn't be the best thing to say around the best thing to say in Black Rock Spire because most orcs took up the warlock profession. Rogo wanted to know the mystery of something he never saw, what was a shaman, how did he work? He learned his first totem from the orc, his earth totem. He came by everyday to this orc's house to thank him for his teaching. They seemed to be friends.

As time went on, it seemed that the alliance was getting closer and closer to Blackrock spire and blackrock spire was raided eventually. Rogo was horrified at what he saw, this humans and elves and short people, murdering people he used to know and care about. He ran to his friend, the orc shaman, for help. The shaman told him that it was unsafe to stay here anymore, and that they needed to escape. Alliance raiders were coming in to their floor, so time was running short. Rogo found a pathway, but they would not make it in-time. The shaman forsaw the alliance coming, and with the help of a neighboring orge, they held of the alliance so Rogo could escape. He hasn't seen them since. A burning hatred arised in him, and he looked for a way to exhale it, and he did - he accidentally discovered the fire totem.

Rogozsnita encountered a group of goblins working for the horde once he got out. For an odd reason, the orc commanding the group of goblins and lessers, took pity on the troll and did not kill him off the bat. He said, "You are not one of us, but you can be one. Join the Horde, be apart of one large group, and feel a sense of pride. We need anyone that is willing to join". After the hell Rogo had been through, he decided to sign up.

He went to Grom'Gol and took a zeppelin to orgrimmar. Once he was at the zeppelin, he was immediately shipped of to tanaris, for reasons he does not know. He spent a great deal of time helping the goblins with their various tasks and in secret, talking to local sandfury trolls about "troll things". he couldn't find someone like him, or someone that was a shaman. He later traveled through Ungoro crater to Sithilus, were he fought Quarji in-defensive of the cenarion circle. He also, while using the earth totem and Raptor Loa of the trolls, was able to self teach him a way to ride the venomhide ravasaur, a mount he uses today.

After he served time for the horde, he was granted leave and heading on the opposite of Azeroth, to eastern kingdoms. He found a cause he could really join and believe in - the Argent Dawn. He had spent 3 years in the plaguelands alone destorying the vile undead, and even took part in the first raid against scholomance. Even though Rogo held prejudice against the alliance and cared for the darkspear trolls, he thought that the Argent Dawn was a better faction - devoted to ending the scourge threat. They did not care for petty Alliance vs Horde, they cared for something better.

During the burning crusade area, he did not venture much into the world of outland. he had been to shattrath before, but the newland didn't seem to interest him. he still had wonder for his oldworld. During the Wrath of the Lich King era, he signed up for the Argent Crusade. Rogozsnitsa always felt he needed a purpose, and he could serve it once again. He spent time ironically in zul'drak, trying to convince the trolls to calm down as he fought undead trolls being created by the Lich king and Drakuru. He also asked around if the trolls recognized his tribe at all, by none could tell him where he originated

Since cataclysm, he's been hanging around tanaris just trying to help his first home rebuild. Looking again, for a new purpose.
Howdy Rogo. Head on over to the thread I linked to on the AD forms and post.
Ag, with those suspenders I keep thinking you're a lumberjack.
We could still use more help.

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