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Hi Blackrock, we are new to the server and i was looking to recruit a few DPS to fill my core 10 raid. i am looking for 2 ranged pref. a lock, hunter, or Shadow priest. I am also looking for 1 Melee DPS. We have a solid core and are eventually going to be runnig 25 man, once we get our core group running and a second is soon to follow as recruitment steps up or allows it. please send me an in game mail the "ë" in my name is alt-1+3+7 or find me in game for more info, thank you, Cattlëguard.
What are your times?
raid times are saturday evenings will be 7 server time, and a midweek day that we havn't agreed on yet. so twice a week raids wil last about 2 hours.
Will pm you later. I am looking for a guild focusing on MV content as I rerolled and am behind the curve with my current guild :( My main spec is ret OS is holy. Hope to hear from you.
cattleguard pm me.

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