New Khan Title

So fellow achievers, who is gonna go for Khan before it releases?

I'm about 80 temple wins and 60 silvershard mine wins away =D Gonna try to finish it up before release now that I have something other than just the achievement points to aim for.

I wish they would add something for Battlemaster + Khan + Justicar/Conqueror or something like that however they also removed Justicar/Conqueror from the Battlemaster meta because of all the crying so IDK if they'll add a new one after that =(
I am guessing this is for Meta-ing all of the BGs, not just the ones currently needed?
Besides the 100 victories... I'm just missing Battle for Gilneas Assassin and a couple thousand Victory Points for the temple achievement. I ended put getting every achievement for the new BGs (except the temple points) by my 10th victory. I don't think I'm going to go crazy grinding the victories for the patch... it'll be very boring not having any achievements to do.
01/23/2013 09:44 PMPosted by Iwishiknew
I am guessing this is for Meta-ing all of the BGs, not just the ones currently needed?

The Khan title is for having master of BfG, TP, IoC, SSM, and ToK.
Already done.
01/24/2013 05:54 AMPosted by Madmartygan
Already done.

said 1 of 46 people in the US in the 19k club

almost there

hmm website is off by almost 200 points o.O
Hey, a reason to finally grind wins in those new bgs
Just 40ish wins in Temple and 70ish in Silvershard to go! Have a group of friends who are going to help me grind them out over the next few weeks. I'm betting on 5.2 being late March/Early April (two week warning on seasoon is the best indicator of a major patch and that hasn't been announced to everyone saying start of February) so there's a good chance at both being CTA again between now and then.

Also general note to PVPers: They are removing item upgrades in 5.2 (thank God) but upgraded Malevolent gear will stay upgraded after the patch. Honor Malevolent gear at the start of season thirteen is being dropped down to 471 ilevel so people can't use it to cheese LFR queing. This means you're better off upgrading malevolent pieces that you have now with your conquest points instead of getting additional pieces.
One of the next things on my agenda. The Silvershard Mines wins seem to be coming very slowly though.
Already done, but I will not use it because it sound terrible compare to Battlemaster. Therefore, I will stick with High Warlord / Bloodthirsty. :)
It'll be done in no time
I need 65 wins in each of the battlegrounds to finish both metas. I've been putting it off until after I finished leveling 75 pets to 25. I'm basically done that now, 2 days left worth of dailies.

If anyone wants to add my battletag Recon#1383 and grind out as many of these wins as possible within the next couple weeks. (or even a few days if there are any dedicated people that would put in the hours, I'll be down) send me a message.

I'll be doing nothing but these bgs until I finish each of the 100 wins
just need the wins in silvershard mines then im good :)
Going back through a couple of missing ones I had from TP and BFG while working a couple of SSM ones. ToK ones are easy, just need wins and holding points. Still gotta get my double defend in BfG and Jugger Not, and hopefully the SSM perfection one won't hold me back too long. Past that what I have left is cake.
Finally completed every bg achievement there is. I am unbelievably happy about that. For SSM and Kotmogu Temple I grinded that out in 4 days back to back. Had 3 days of wonderful bliss, 95%+ win rate over those 3 days. That last day however, was all my good luck turned evil. Aside from the last 20 wins I needed in each, I was literally down to 1 win in SSM from the meta and had to deal with beyond awful (or new to the game) players. Took 12 games before I finally got it.
I only need victories for SSM/ToK, then some victories + cloud 9 for twin peaks, but I'm not looking forward to IoC. I didn't think they'd include it as it already has its own reward (the tabard) but now I guess i'll have to grind it out.

Even though I don't really like the title :/
I only need wins in both BGs.

I've been kind of slacking on my wins, so I don't know if I'll have it before 5.2

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