[A] <Dark> Recruiting for 25M

Dark is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for more raiders to join us as we push into heroic modes. We are an adult-oriented guild, and as such all members must be over 18.

Current Progression:

12/12 Throne of Thunder Normal
1/12 Throne of Thunder Heroic

Current Raid Teams for Mists of Pandaria:

Team Faceplant - 25 man raid team
Tues-Thurs 6-9pm PST
Looking for more ranged dps to join our raid team. Looking for one exceptional healer for a core raid spot.

Exceptional players of all classes and specs are of course always welcome to apply.

Please contact Fúries, Candlebox or Vynnfir in game or see http://www.dark-guild.com/ for more information.
Bump-date with our updated roster needs, and our Heroic Blade Lord kill!
Bumping for 11/12 in ToT. Lei Shen is in sight, and should go down either tonight or next week.

Still looking for a few more strong dps to join our team, as well as one exceptional healer.

See http://www.dark-guild.com for more details.
are you looking for a hunter?
Bump cause Furies looks pretty in gold.
Updated for our first 25m Lei Shen kill! Heroic Jin'Rokh should not be too far behind.
Heroic Jin'Rokh down! Also bump.

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