How would you redesign your Paladin

This thread is simply for wishful thinking. Throw caution to the wind and have some fun. What would you really like to see that might be possible, overpowered, or just fun. I'm choosing to focus most of my changes to Prot, as i am most familiar with it.

First, remove Mana. The only resource Prot uses is HP. HP now stacks to 10.

Shield of the Righteous: Now costs 4 HP

Flash of light: costs 5 HP

Crusader Strike: increase damage to 150% weapon, and generates 2 HP

The only Ret spell i looked at
Inquisition: Now works similar to Word of Glory. Can use anywhere from 1 to 5 HP, each HP used adds 10 seconds to the duration. Using inquisition while its already active with add the new duration to the existing duration (using a 4HP inquisition with 13 seconds left will apply a new buff lasting 53 seconds).

I got lazy and didn't recost everything, that's as far as i got.

Guarded by Light: now also increases hit by 4.5% and expertise by 7.5%

Sanctity of Battle: Abilities no longer benefit from haste. Parrying an attack increases haste by 10% for 10 seconds. And dodging an attack has a 25% chance to reset the cooldown on Judgement and cause the next Judgement to not trigger a cooldown.

Holy Wrath: does 400% more damage when hitting 3 or more targets.

All seals are off the gcd and now will consume 2 HP if available for an added effect (can still switch without the HP, just with out the bonus effect). Using HP on a seal will incure a 1 min cooldown on the seal.

Seal of Truth: Activating the seal applies 5 stacks of censure to your current target, and for the next 10 seconds Judgement will do instant damage equal to 15 seconds of censure.

Seal of Righteousness: Activating the seal deals 30% weapon damage to all targets within melee range, and for 10 seconds after Judgement will hit 3 targets.

Seal of Insight: Activation the seal heals the paladin for 10% of their max health, and for 10 seconds after Judgement will heal for 5% max health.

Feel free do dissect and criticize me ideas, and add your own.
Remove Inquisition GCD

Make our Divine Storm give all targets in range a 50% movement decrease

Holy Tenacity 3min CD - Immune to stuns and fears for 6 seconds
For ret:

Guardian of Ancient Kings reduced to 4 minute cooldown.

Avenging Wrath 2 minutes baseline.
For ret:

Guardian of Ancient Kings reduced to 4 minute cooldown.

Avenging Wrath 2 minutes baseline.
I love this idea.
Remove Inquisition GCD

Make Inquisition have 20 sec for each holy power. 1=20 2=40 3=60.
Change Glyph of Inquisition to:

Inquisition is now a passive effect that reads: 40% Chance on melee hit to increase Holy Damage and Crit Chance for 20 seconds. Reduces the damage bonus of Inquisition by 5%.
Nerf my damage as ret by 60% and make all my damage spells do mad aoe healing, with the def. of protection. No more specs it just turns into classic warcraft 3 paladin.

the way it should have been all along!
Bubble is undispelable, lasts 12 sec again, is affected by clemency, increases healing done while bubbled by 75%, and no longer reduces dmg.

There now bubble is good again
More sustained damage.
01/28/2013 05:04 AMPosted by Xalefor
More sustained damage.

that, or a proc or some kind of tier bonus in the future to allow CS to generate 2 HP.

I'd also like to see some more attractiveness to our seals. I mean, damn, even rogues get a shiv bonus to each poison, even the lesser ones. Give us a judgement bonus! (I know that sounds retroactive, but... :/ )
Talent tree 2.0:
Seal system 2.0:

GoAK now works similarly to Avatar, grants immunity to fear effects and a instant 20% str (or a lower stackable buff, to 2% per stack, up to 10/20% for example).

Someway to rebuff Inquisition without having to actually rebuff it (killing blows for example; or Hammer of Wrath - which should be 'more' instant) and/or off the GDC (just a 50% time reduction would be nice) with the possibility to increase its duration to ~35-50s with rebuffs adding time to that cap instead of replacing the buff (Eternal Flame can also have a similar feature).

Divine Shield off the GDC, difficult to dispel it (30-50% chance), 3min CD and with a reduced damage reduction (to 20% tops). HoP would now grant immunity to everything, still unable to attack though. All Hands should be used while on cc effects and HoF would, again, break stuns (ICD of 25-60s).

A new "aura" system, based on Devotion Aura (i.e. low-grade raid CDs specifically to each spec). Better effects on the self-buff (like DA for Holy lasting 8-12s; while still lasting for 6s to other players).

Hammer of Justice would now does a X% (300% would be nice) of weapon damage to a target that is immune to stuns (would scale very poorly, so is just a sustained damage boost in PvE - while still proving some usefulness in PvP).

New animations to Repetance to be more visible as a "meditation" effect that would break with any damage - really annoying in BGs.
All Specs-
Remove the GCD on Seals.

1) Raise Hammer of the Righteous's base damage for more snap threat. The damage on other AoE abilities can be lowered somewhat to compensate. At the moment Protection more or less relies on DoTs to gather threat which, when a Fury Warrior or Frost DK comes a-bursting in, can be problematic, and to me it would be a nice change to have a bit more AoE burst for those crucial first few seconds of a pull.
2) Give us an AoE "finisher" similar to Retribution's Divine Storm that gives the same mitigation buff as Shield of the Righteous.

1) Remove the GCD on Inquisition.
2) Make each Holy Power (up to 3) generate 10 seconds of Inquisition that can be added to the pre-existing inquisition buff to give more seconds to it rather than refreshing it with a new Inquisition buff.
3) Give us something like Rogues' Deadly Momentum to refresh Inquisition when we kill a target that yields experience or honor.
4) Redesign Supplication so that it makes our next Hammer of the Righteous (HotR rather than CS so that it's still overall a DPS loss) heal us for 20% of our maximum health for 20 seconds after killing a target that yields experience or honor.

Haven't played a lot of Holy yet this expansion, so I can't make many judgments about it.
Revert him to TBC talents.

I miss consecration BAD.
I miss shockadin BAD
I miss the holy rotation BAD.

I have had a hard time liking my paladin since they were changed.

I love blizz, but sometimes I think they take 1/2 a step forward and 7 steps back.
Inq off GCD

back to Cataclysm in terms of pvp
I would create a system where we would use a Seal to buff our damage and then use a judgement which would cause damage and leave a debuff on the enemy. There would be multiple judgement type debuffs that would give us different benefits like either healing us or returning mana to us.

I would also give us the choice of different click and stay on auras. May be one that increases our armor, increases resistance, reduces spell interrupts, reflects damage, or ride on mounts faster.

Also I think I would make it that we would have to earn our fast mount. Some things we would have to do would be collect a ton of gold and do some quests in some out of the way dungeons.

Lastly I would give us a spell that would allow us to sacrifice ourselves to make another player immune to attack and cause the boss to reset when used properly. And since we are all good paladins we would never use this spell to do anything underhanded.
I would make them completely unrecognizable to how it is now and how it was before. I don't know what I would do, but I know that nothing in this thread goes far enough to satisfy me.

I don't care about damage output or snares or divine storm, I thought consecration was a useless spell for years and don't want it back; some of the most dull complaints I read here.

Through all the years ret has still only had one simple design - 30 seconds of god mode, 3 minutes of snooze. This has to change, and it won't be done by buffing one or two spells, it takes a complete rebuild of the class.

Passive things are boring. Random things are frustrating. Passively random things are horrifying. Inquisition and Divine Purpose would never be heard from again.

I would redesign it such that 'rotation helper addons' would provide diminished or little assistance, which would go a long way toward increasing the skill gap which is woefully small now.

'Not allowed to fail' design would go out the window.

It would be something I haven't seen before.

In short: I've played a pally for 5 years, been ret for all of it and I'm burnt out on it and should play another class because as long as paladin is the most overplayed thing in the game, it's not going to be changed.
For both Ret and Prot:

- Allow HotR to stack censure on all targets struck.
- Remove Inquisition. Change CS to grant Inquisition. Each use of CS grants one stack. Each stack increases holy power damage by 6%, and critical strike chance by 2% for rets. Prot paladin gain some other effect. One example could be reducing the CD on Avenger's Shield and increasing the number of targets hit. Max 5 stacks. Possibly have a 4-PC set bonus increase the stacks to 6 or 7.
- Reduce the CD of CS and Judgement by half. Put them on the same CD. Give the CD two stacks. Kind of like charge, for warriors. Use whichever suits you best for a given situation. CS for melee/inquisition, Judgement for range and damage.

*Edit: Or just let the CD of CS and Judgement stay the same and be on separate CDs, but allow them to stack twice each. Since the main resource of a paladin can be considered CDs, this would help them when they can't always spend it (e.g. stuns).*

For Ret:

- Remove the health requirements for Hammer of Wrath.
- Allow them to convert Dodge Rating to Haste Rating and Parry Rating to Crit Rating. This way they can use their tank gear for DPS. This makes it easier for tanks who have a Ret off-spec to use their tanking gear to do damage, eliminating the need to maintain two different sets (though it might still be better from a progression standpoint).
- Add a new form of Inquisition that consumes Inquisition Stacks to do reduce damage taken by 4% per stack for 12 seconds. In effect you would be trading damage for defense; by the time you get the damage back up it would be time to chose whether or not you want more defense again.

For Prot:

Possibly unlock the number of targets Avenger's Shield can hit at melee range, and only have it hit 3 targets at ranges of 10 yards or more.
-Add exorcism root to burden of guilt 3 second duration

-Crusader strike giving 3/6/10% healing taken and consumed on next heal received

-Make divine purpose baseline with a 10% proc chance

-Add a talent that gives a raid cd based off spec that is equiv to a shaman cd. Ret:Sanctity Aura-raid buff,attacks deal additional divine damage, Prot:Devotion Aura Holy:Aura of Wisdom mana regen buff. Perhaps even make it a minor glyph, would be equiv to warlocks getting Imp Swarm glyph as a very good ability and only being a minor.

-Make sacred shield scale with pvp power

-Remove damage penalty on Divine Shield and revert it to a haste reduction and make it undispellable

-Ret:Glyph of Freedom. hand of freedom is replaced by Hand of the Righteous Path, removes 1 stun or fear with a 30 second cooldown. Un-effected by clemency

-Ret PVP 2peice remove pvp power gain from crusader strike, instead templars verdict adds 6 seconds to Inquisition

-Glyph of Avenging wrath reduces the damage gain by 5% but reduces the cooldown by 30 seconds

-Hammer of Wrath deals 30% additional damage to targets under 20% [Unaffective against players]

-Perhaps a crusader strike damage buff, it is currently incredibly low for overall damage

[Not everyone will agree with these changes, but I find them to be interesting]

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