How would you redesign your Paladin

I'm fairly happy with the way ret plays, but INQ just feels like work and not fun. I remember them saying they wanted button pushes to be dynamic and fun. Mashing INQ doesn't fit either of those. I don't look forward to refreshing it, and I dread starting a fight and having to waste the time to push the button, especially when I'm just killing mobs for dailies or something. I never look forward to having to push that button.

I see why they don't get rid of it, because I find myself with extra GCDs as it is, so removing it would make me sit even longer waiting on something to come off cool down. I'd find a way to just dump it.

That's really my only "complaint" but I'd like to see something retribution like, aka, expel harm that the monk has. Seems like a pushable eye for an eye button.
Flatter feet, straighter back.

Hammers instead of hands.
Prot: Vengeance stacks in PvP up to a total of 10% of your max health. Prot specific, Hand of Sacrifice has no cooldown and transfers 50% of damage done, and Shield of Righteousness buff extends to 2 nearby friendly targets.

Bam, Tankadins are now viable in PvP.
Divine Shield off GCD, I cant tell you how many times I died just because I couldnt use Divine Shield due to GCD

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