< FRINGE> is now recruiting for 25 mans

We are a progression guild led by people who have raided competitively for multiple expansions/many years together. As a guild under the title of Fringe it has been more recently but with the same faces.

We have raided competetively as a 10 man and we want to branch out and find some new talent while combining what we have in house to put together a solid 25 man raid.
We do have some holes till fill with dps we need competitive dps that is knowledgeable and can pull good numbers

That being said we still have our guidelines to follow.

1. We don’t want to carry anyone we are a progression guild and will stay that way. Every member is expected to carry their weight, Remember there are 24 other people paying to play just like you are we shouldn’t be waiting on you and shouldn’t be carrying you.

2. Although we provide food buffs and flasks on whole or in part to the raid. You should still be prepared to be a part of raid with your own consumables as a backup.

3. Be respectful, Enough said to this point

4. Have Fun. We pay to play this game there is fun in killing bosses and making a run for top on the server.

If you are still interested.
- We raid currently Tue-Thur 9:00 Pm – 12:00 Am Server time/PST
- Our current 25 raid progression is 6/6 MV 3/6 HoF – 3/4 Terrace

What we need.
- At the moment there is no specific class requirement however some dps is in higher demand then others. Rip it up and you'll have our attention

Our Website
- http://Fringe-kj.guildlaunch.com
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