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About Crimson Carnage:
We are a 10 man progression raiding guild with an ambition to see hard mode content. We are quite new to this server but we are all experienced players who are looking for other players with a real ambition to see hard mode content and experience progression.

Our progression so far:

Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6N, 1/6H
Heart of Fear - 4/6N

The classes we prefer at this time are:

Ranged DPS (Hunter, Mage)
Tanks (Brewmaster Monk and Blood Death Knight)
Healers (Resto Druid, MW Monk, Holy Paladin)

Our current raid times are Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday 8:00-11:00 pm server time

For any further information please contact either Stabyo or Azee.
Bump* =)

The classes we prefer at this time are:

Ranged DPS (Hunter, Mage, Boomkin)

We currently are looking for punctual tank, pally or druid preferred. We're also looking for others to fill in incase a core member is unable to attend. We're looking to start a 2nd group.

Please send any officer in the guild a tell or mail message if interested thanks.
495 FURY WARR LF GUILD 6/6 MSV 6/6 HOF 4/4 TOES ....available t-thur 9 est other days possible but those are my preference for raiding

We're looking for an exceptional Mage that knows his/her class and plays nice with others.

Raid days are Wed, Thur, Sun (sometimes Mon filler day) 8:30pm - 11:30pm server time.

Recruitment is now open again for a solid Mage for our core 10 man group.
Recruitment has been reopened for an exceptional tank for our core raiding spot. (DK preferred.)
Still looking for a hunter?

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