I have a theory on why warriors receive nerfs

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01/25/2013 10:56 AMPosted by Thranimal
All indications point towards Warriors being really overpowered. Sorry, that's just the truth. If you want to know why they are receiving nerfs, there is your reason.

Solid argument to his well worded statement.

01/25/2013 01:26 PMPosted by Korbu
Ok guys I had just gotten into bed and was contemplating something. Perhaps the reason we always get yelled at for nerfs is we are the only class who can charge in and literally blow classes to pieces. THAT is the heart of our class. Pure, unmitigated (colossus smash) physical damage. And the retards who choose to actually go toe-to-toe with us get destroyed in seconds and then come whine how that shouldn't happen. These people complaining are the ones who let a warrior go apes**t on them because they are trying to act like a warrior and stay in our faces. The sillies who forget to use what THEIR class calls for (CC, slows, etc) get facerolled by a warrior ourdpsing them to death and then them come and complain.

Pretty much this ^. Warriors were designed to be the King of Melee, and from Vanilla to early Cat, we were. We were well known for not having much utility/self healing, but for hitting like a freight train. Other melee classes knew they wouldn't live if they tried to go toe to toe Roshambo (hit for hit) with us. Ranged classes knew that we would kill them if we stuck to them. Both had to use CC and self-healing (Both things which we severely lacked, our two weaknesses) to beat us.
After early Cat however, Warriors recieved HUGE nerfs, and we no longer fulfilled the role we were meant for, damage. Both Frost DKs and Rogues severely outdamaged us at that point, and both had alot more control/utility/survivability. Warriors became flat out obsolete in mid-late Cat. Arena Teams would say "Why take a Warrior, when a Rogue or DK could do his role 3x better?". People got used to Warriors being nothing more than a free HK speedbump on the road to glory. During this time, people could facetank Warriors and play Roshambo with them, and win.
MoP hits, and Warriors are suddenly dangerous again in melee. The people who had forgotten how to fight us, QQ up a storm because they can't go toe to toe and facetank us anymore. As a result of that QQ, Blizzard begins to repeatedly nerf us once again.

Last night, i got into a World PvP fight against a Human Ret Pally that was just as geared as i am, and even though i lost, it was quite refreshing. Not only did this Pally know how to use his classes' advantages over me (self healing), but he had also actually dead zone kited me while hitting me with Judgements to refresh Censure and Burden of Guilt, along with Exorcisms, wearing me down to 35%, then reengaging in melee. This was a person who remembered how to fight Warriors.

You sir just earned respect amongst us warriors, all of what you said was compeletely true.
I was always under the impression it was because some stupid Warrior somewhere went and killed a Mage, knowing damn well we're not supposed to.

xD So true!
Warriors are being nerfed cause u can keep someone stunned for 7 seconds out of 20 (35%), and if someone cannot burst u for 75% of ur hp in 13 seconds (not including ur cds) u cannot be killed.

We have a imposter amongst us.
The theory = blizz will stop nerfing the warrior if GC leave the design team.

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