I am in Love with Pallies

01/21/2013 04:21 PMPosted by Corvala
OP, glad you are enjoying pallies. Keep it up, we need more positive attitudes around here!

Definitely this.
Never informed him about anything. Simply stating that this thread was started by someone genuinely stating he was having fun playing a pally, and he went out of his way to rain on his parade. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.


True, I was talking in general. It was not my intention to single you out. I was just trying to comment on why someone would post something that was not on topic, and let you know that it goes both ways. (Positive posts in a negative forum, and negative posts in a positive forum)
I actually started playing my pally more. I started off as prot, got scared (tanking nervousness) and tried holy... found it lacking, switched to ret, had some fun, then back to prot. all this between 10 and 30. currently playing prot and having a blast in dungeons running around, gathering up groups, and even on occasion playing healer to keep myself alive (it's amazing how some people don't know where those heal buttons are). I plan to give holy and ret more atention later on, i figure a lot of the reason i didn't like them so much is because of a lack of abilities at lower lvls.
Prot Pally - generally no complaints I put my healers to sleep in heroics and am apparently super easy to heal even in raids.

Ret PVE - FEELS FANTASTIC. Performance however in PVE is usually decent. Though I recently raided with a arcane mage who was effortlessly pulling 10-20% more DPS than me (I was 2nd). Not sure if mage was just really good (was a PUG but from our server's top guild) or if the fight was just not Ret friendly (Elegon). In other raids I regularly compete or beat with people with far better gear than me. Have to say that Ret mechanics feel smooth and nice, one of the best I've played.

Ret PVP - Don't, it only ends in tears. You will feel like a fat girl on prom night - nobody will take you anywhere.

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