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Moon Guard
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A post can be seen on the trees throughout Kalimdor. It reads:

To all that call this continent, the mother Kalimdor our home,

The time to act on the recent and unnoticeable threats that threaten our own lives is now. The Lineage of the Moon is no longer solely a Kaldorei guild. We seek -ALL- who call Kalimdor home and look for readied bodies and abled hands to fight for her and our cause! We will not stand idle as these dogs of war assault and burn our own homes, as well as our allied friends and families lives. If this pertains to you, and you feel you have a much greater cause than yourself, then it is imperative that you contact the Lineage and let your honorable words be heard! Under our command you will be guaranteed safety and a family that fights for the same cause that you so wish to serve! For Kalimdor!

~Mavei Lightleaf & Ash'Ana Mistbloom of the Lineage of the Moon

OOC: LOTM is a compelling RP guild that also enjoys other aspects of WoW. Our secondary interest is PvP, as it is a way to filter our necessary abilities of war and military. We accept all races and classes, no longer only Night Elves.

Kalimdor is primarily home to the Night Elves, but any that wish to fight for this continent are stressed to join the cause! The Lineage is, for the most part, highly lore abiding, past and present. The time for xenophobic personas is at an end, and I can assure you that that will not be role-played in this guild.

1. Drama for your mama:
We have a zero-drama policy. IC does not mean OOC. If you can't follow this than this is not the guild for you.

2. Keep it in your pants:
We are NOT a dating service. Excessive fraternization -WILL- result in discharge.

3. The reason for joining:
If you don't want to attend guild events that further the cause and the reason you joined, you -WILL- be discharged.

4. Tough babies only:
Although we do not have an age limit, guild chat is a PG-13 environment. We have a separate channel for taboo topics. THIS DOES NOT ALLOW HARASSING OF MEMBERS. That will be immediate discharge.

5. Grow up:
If you can not handle the mature environment of the Lineage we ask that you leave. You may speak with an officer, but this will not bend the general attitude of the guild.

6. Hit List:
If you find yourself loathing or hating a member from a real life perspective, it is YOUR duty to contact a lead role and let that complaint be known. WE ARE NOT MIND READERS!

1. Blue Dreams:
You are required to wear the guild tabard at all profession and military events. This includes side jobs and patrols, unless instructed otherwise.

You have sworn in at your interview, that means you follow all rules, whether they may change or not. IT IS YOUR DUTY to be well aware of the current state of the Lineage.

3. Consequences:
There are consequences for certain actions, especially in roleplay. If you CANNOT handle them, then play your character accordingly! IC DOES NOT MEAN OOC. Regarding another member poorly OOC because of an IC conflict will result in discharge.

  • Years of history in the Moon Guard RP & RP-PvP Community
  • Server-Wide involvement in active and indepth story-lines including Horde/Alliance combined
    Active Alliance and Enemies with actual guilds and members (This is pure IC)
  • Continued involvement with current Alliance-themed allegiances with other guilds
  • Highly, and somewhat overly, active calendar
    (For specific events, those can be found on the site. There are really so many to be acknowledged. These include, but are not limited to, the listed Alliance and Enemy guilds.)

    The question is, will you involve yourself? If you're interested in joining our guild, check out our official website or contact any member in game!
    Website Information:

    Contact Information:
    Elder Priestess (GM): Anamaleth, Mavei
    Sentry Marshal (Senior Officer): Jalcynter
    Crescent Lieutenant: Hassieth
    Eclipse Captain: Astahra, Jiya
    Shan'do: Ailiark, Hydros, Coron

    Guild Ranks
    Elder Priestess: Guild Master
    Sentry Marshall: OOC/IC Senior Officer
    Crescent Lieutenant: OOC/IC Officer
    Eclipse Captain: IC Officer
    Moon Guardian: Soldier, IC PVPers
    Shan'do: Combat/Non Combat Teachers
    Lineage Origin: Community/Civilians
    Moon Shield: Mercenaries, Hired help/alts

    Our Officers:
    Ash'Anamaleth Mistbloom: The founder and creator of the Lineage of the Moon. A tough Highborne woman that strives for the blood of her foes. This battle priestess is lethal on the battlefield and should not be taken lightly thereon. She is, however, the most loyal and trustworthy companion. She will, and has, shown such assets in all aspects of storylines and plots.

    Mavei Lightleaf: The co-leader and long time sister to Ash'Ana. Once a mentor and teacher of her sister, she is now bound by love and trust. She is a devoted priestess to her land, people, and goddess. She is a battle priestess, striving and walking alone the dangerous paths, leading as best she can. Though she can be lethal, her intention is always pure.

    Jalcynter Swiftshadow: The second-in-command and Sentry Marshal to the Lineage of the Moon. Captain of the Felwood Rangers, he prefers strikes of surgical precision and deadly efficiency. Fighting from the shadows in Felwood, the native knows what it means to survive and conquer. Do anything that is necessary for the mission at hand.

    Hassieth Skyglade: A devoted soldier to Kalimdor and the Alliance combined. Acts of service and history of movements would be known by this elven warrior. Third-in-command of the Lineage, this Lieutenant continues to work in haste and with allegiances. Don't be deceived by his plated composure. He is a very kind and noble character.

    Astahra: An elder in her own right and a battle priestess to boot. This head-strong and wise woman has all the capable leadership qualities that could ever be asked for. Strong and understanding, all in the same package, those that cross her be warned. She is devoted to the cause and has lived through many events that have lead her to be who she is today.

    Jiya: The most loyal and devoted ranger and woman of shadow to the Lineage. Her unfaltering characteristics would make her to be one of the most intel savvy members of the order. She is tough, trustworthy and is also one of the Elder Priestess' right hand personnel.
    Current OOC News:
  • No longer allowing OOC members to join (excludes alts)
  • Not allowing shy and timid characters
  • Not allow for evil or blood starved characters
  • Never allow griefers and trolls, this includes those that can not keep IC=/=OOC
  • Member requirements in events, if you are online and the event is specific to the direction of the guild, IT IS MANDATORY. Support the cause you swore to!

    Current IC News:
  • No longer allied with <Clergy of the Holy Light>
  • Alliance with <First Regiment> endangered
  • New Alliance strengthened with <Blackmoon Sentinels> and <Qimeng Simiao>
  • New events changed the directions to many guilds (IC=/=OOC)

    Lineage Alliances:
    Qimeng Simiao: Emperor Zuchen Baizhou and his order have a several month long alliance and allegiance. Through the troubles and distress they have faced with one another, they have grown triumphant and continue to be the most loyal of companions and allies. Current and past history of events and storyline will always be compelling and engaging. The Lineage see's these fine Pandaren as family and will treat them as such.

    The Jade Guard: As a former member of the Lineage, their new leader Kusonoki and his wife Xiaoqing, they garner the support and friendship from the Lineage.

    League of Lordaeron: The human kingdoms, while far and remote to our people, have a strike in Kalimdor as well. The Commander Kerdic, also know as the "Lion of Lordaeron", has lent his aid to our people, and we will do nothing but offer the same to our grand alliance. Past and present lore between these guilds have been set down. Though they are not always so active with one another, they Lineage would never think twice if they needed the Leagues aid.

    Grey Haven: Ms. Salley has always offered the aide of the Grey to our cause and has even brought her men and women into battle with us and salvaged remaining Highborne artifacts, so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

    Blackmoon Sentinels: A group of mercenaries led by Samirex, they hold special ties and personal relations with the Lineage. The two guilds are often seen paired together in campaigns and excursions, an alliance of blood tempered in the heat of combat.

    The Kor'kron Legion: The orc Skullcrusha and his band of Horde elites have sought to impede upon Ashenvale several times in their lumbering missions. The evil order has been a mighty foe in the same, leading their ilk into our ancestral lands, seeking to claim resources and ownership of what is rightfully ours. Continual strife and reappearance at events grow this hatred and create a storyline that would be too hard to miss!

    Dominion of the Sun: This Sin'dorei guild has proven to be a devious foe in the Lineage. Previously lead by Tendael and now lead by Volanaro, they have brought war into our lands and into our culture, going so far as to desecrate our shrines. The Lineage of the Moon will not stop until they are exterminated. Dominion is by far the worst and most hated enemy of the Lineage.

    The Sunguard: Cunning and mighty, the Sunguard fights alongside the orcish horde in their wars against our nation. Lead by Felthier Truefeather and his dynasty, their plains for dominating what is not their own to wield magic in an effort to cripple the alliance will not go unpunished!

    Guild Relations Quick FAQ's: Did you know?
    Q: So, we have to come to events? What if I just want to hang out?
    A: Then this is not the guild for you.

    Q: What about Death Knights? Are they allowed?
    A: Death Knights are a case by case situation. It would be our choice regardless of occupation. Also, a death knight would be a combat role ONLY. That means max level, max pvp gear. Their sole reason to even be in our guild is to fight for our cause, fight for their right so to speak. We give the opportunity for that. Though role playing will be limited as most places we go would not allow the presence of an undead or fallen.

    Q: What if I am not max level?
    A: We are always welcoming to random role playing and role playing with those that do not hold our guild tag. But we have implemented a level 40+ Requirement. Due to the mass abundance in demand for joining our guild. We see that it would benefit in role play locations a long with our reputation as a serious role playing guild.

    And you're missing me again. :|

    And you're missing me again. :|

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    <3333 Daw... I will have you say that when we spake some sunguard !@#! tehe

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