Predictions: best DPS for 5.2 arena

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Tier 1: Warrior/Spriest/Rogue/Monk/Hunter
Tier 2: All others will be here

DPS is dmg per sec

That term is used in pve boss fights, I don't understand how it will work in arena. Are you going to see people saying 70K dps arms warrior lf 3v3 KFC 1DDK MMO hero? Or wil the neext season see people spec more in a pve spec to max their dps over control and suriv?

Are you retarded, just curious

like, do you actually think that anyone has any sort of problem with describing damage dealing specs as "DPS"

go back to asking for flasks and potions to be usable in arena, lmfao
100% sure triple dps with ret will be better than in s11, because now they will be able to dispel magic... and heals are way way too much in 5.2... ret/rogue/dk will be extremely viable... or with a bm hunter it there, maybe even a war... dks survive just fine with all their healing... they do well
Know what the best part about playing a WW Monk through 5.0/5.1 is?

Come 5.2, the ability to distinguish a seasoned, talented WW monk from your average FotM reroller will require little more than two working eyes and about 15 seconds of observation.

Bad WW monks will still be horrible in 5.2. Monks like myself that slugged their way through 5.0 and 5.1 on hardmode will stand out easily.

I don't think this is really true, no class takes that much to learn for any reasonable person. People with good twitch skills and that are good at arena or pvp in general tend be be good no matter what class they are on. They usually have played them all and know all their abilities as to be able to counter those classes when facing them. People who are bad at pvp in general seem to be so no matter what class they are on and people who are average are usually average. A good player who switches classes based on the current meta will succeed. Look at a lot of the top pvp players that stream, most of them do so on 4-5 characters and are good on all of them.

TL;DR bad players are bad, good players are good, class or having played it for an extremely long time is not a factor.
Dominosx is 2500 on his monk right now, and they're getting massively buffed. trololol

evil chardex
LSD2 and Dancing with the Stars will be top tier.
dancing with the stars will only be top tier when the ultimate gnome traitor of doom khryl plays it
01/20/2013 05:29 PMPosted by Thunky
I feel every class is capable of being top tier with enough patience.
Based on all streams and rank 1 players comments. This list already not correct.
Warriors are tier 3, Dks tier 2 and mages are def tier 1.
Each tier is in order of best to worst. Updated this after post #24.

Tier 1, da best
Rogue, BM, Windwalker, Arms, Shadow

Arms may be high tier 2, but I won't believe it until 5.2 is live for a while and warriors have time to adjust to not playing like retards. Shadow is still on the chopping block, but I expect it to land in tier 1 or high tier 2.

Tier 2, good
Frost Mage, Ele, Warlock

Ele is gonna be way better, but I'm not ready to jump on the "best caster" bandwagon just yet. Warlocks are difficult to place because, even after individual nerfs, their synergy with other classes is always stellar.

Tier 3, so-so
DK, Feral, Ret, Enhance, Moonkin

I think the gap between the haves and the have-nots will be a little lower in 5.2; these specs won't be bad, just not quite as good. Unholy is looking to make a comeback. Feral is getting nerfed harder than people think IMO. Ret is getting some nice healing buffs, but it may still be too easy to zerg in 3's.

1. Rogue, BM, WW, Mage, DK, Ret
2. Warrior, Shadow, Moonkin, Warlock, Feral
3. Ele, Enhancement
02/20/2013 04:23 PMPosted by Propetia

PvP is not PvE
02/20/2013 04:23 PMPosted by Propetia
go back to asking for flasks and potions to be usable in arena, lmfao

We all know that hommies don't play that in arena

Flask, hommies don't play that
Potions, hommies don't play that
Elixir, hommies don't play that
banners, hommies don't play that

ANY CD longer then 8 mins...... thats right hommies don't play that.

And lets take warriors, [Colossus Smash], [Vengeance], hommies don't play that in arena, will not the same.

Aslo think you are going to eat or drink, none buff food in arean, nope hommies don't even eat or drink the same. In Arean you have to eat for 3 sec before you start to gain.

The last point I will make is, DPS is damage per sec over the raid boss fight. What you are talking about is DIB/s Damage in burst (divided by) seconds.

Arena player have a short attention span, and can only think about bubble burst set up.

This thread should be called best burst caller 5.2 "arena", I put arena in quotes because alot of hommies might do burst damge in arena but they try and hit a raid boss and they do less dmg then the healers.

The term "DPS" is even less relative to arean play then say...

02/20/2013 04:23 PMPosted by Propetia
go back to asking for flasks and potions to be usable in arena, lmfao
I predict a lot of Windwalker rerolls who will play abominably and who will keep the spec looking bad.
02/21/2013 09:51 AMPosted by Capricka
abominably and who will keep the spec looking bad.

I have said things like this before. Sometimes when a class is to good, alot of people play it. But, they are not really any good to start with, so really the class is nerfed by the player base. Retpaladin in WotLK were like this. Everyone jumped over to ret paladin at the start of the xpack. They were not 1800 players so they could not "buy" pvp weapons. There is something to be said about comps. If one class is OP it still needs to be in a comp that works. To many people are one class there will be a shortage of other things, which will cause people to reroll to the more demand class/spec. If WW becomes the new hero class, then the avg player will not be able to do anything with it, because people will expect so much out of them, that only the best of the best, will be able to find groups and teams. At the start of WotLK, I played rogue and it was really nice to get into any raid I wanted. While so many DK and rets got turned away becuase there was just to many of then looking for a group.
Honestly, after doing arenas on PTR and going against some good comps

T1 --Mage, Rogue, Monks, BM, DKs

Seriously, mages are hitting for 250+ frostbolts on full tyran gear.

t2 -- Warriors, Boomkins, Ele, Locks, Rets

Warriors are nothing now with the 40s stuns.

t3 -- The rest

I know laugh at feral damage and control, both from a paladin, mookin and dk pov.

RLS will rise again (like last season) or anything rogue (Monk, Priest, Rogue is sick)
Ret, Rogue, Priest
Aff Lock, Boom, RSham
Boom, Rogue, Priest
Rogues are not soo bad, but combined with some sick mage, it's death fast.
02/21/2013 11:14 AMPosted by Paliloc
Aff Lock, Boom, RSham

I'm not convinced on aff comps. People are talking up aff too much.
02/21/2013 11:14 AMPosted by Paliloc
Seriously, mages are hitting for 250+ frostbolts on full tyran gear.

I watched venruki's stream all night when he was playing mls on the PTR, and his highest crit was 107k.
01/20/2013 05:33 PMPosted by Teknon
Rofl feral tier 4. Do you even play bro?

I agree. If you didnt notice they are also getting a 10% atk power scaling buff and a 15% dmg buff to rip...they already eat people alive... now they will just swallow them whole
Wait, so WW is going to be the best now, oh sweet! I knew all those people that actually played ww on PTR were wrong!
dk being the lowest tier, lol

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