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Over the past few months while playing arena / rbgs on my ret, I have noticed the complete lack of survivability that comes with playing this spec. I only played one season during Cataclysm and I felt that ret was in a perfect spot. The old sacred shield gave us the required survivability to be able to compete in high level arena without being rendered useless by good players. It seems every strat vs a ret team right now is just train him to force him to use all his generated holy power towards healing. I have come up with a few suggestions that I think most of the pvp community will stand behind to help better balance the game.


1) Remove inquistion's GCD. This could be done with a glyph similar to the deep freeze glyph for mages. As it stands right now there aren't any glyphs that stand out for a ret in most pvp situations.

2) Reduce the cooldown of Avenging Wrath. Reducing the cooldown of this ability to help it better allign with holy avenger would work wonders for ret pvp. It could be changed to 10% - 15% damage increase to help compensate.

3) Divine Purpose baseline. I know you guys see this a lot and always have the same answer. We maybe don't like the RNG aspect of this skill but it's honestly the only way to keep our sustained damage up without removing it from the game completely and replacing it with something different.

4) Another thing that ret definitely lacks is cc. With the increased amount of instant cc added to this game, removing repentance from rets really hurt. I know you gave blinding light in return but against good players this skill is incredibly hard to use effectively. Especially when compared to other similar cc's of other classes.

These are just a few suggestions that I've though of or seen in other threads that I think would steer ret in the right direction, as far as pvp balance goes. I wrote all of this on my phone and I wish that you add any thoughts or suggestions that you have came up with.

Thank you,
i like it
people going say RET AMAZING RIGHT NOW ,NO BUFF WE SO BALANCED ,YET EVERYONE US OUT OF CONTROL.................................
1: Completely agree
2: This would hurt Ret PvE alot 4pc already reduced cd by 65s, to have it reduced further and deal less damage would be painful
3: Divine Purpose is unlikely to become baseline, largely because they want it as an option for the other specs
4: I agree, though I think giving us a repentance would be slightly too much

The 2 changes I would love to see are:

Give us a glyph for Blinding Light making it similar to 5.2 Shockwave
Becomes a stun for 3s, and if hits 3 or more targets its cd is reduced by half (preferably a 60/30 cd over 120/60, but i digress)

Most importantly, give us a !@#$ing damage increasing 4pc bonus on the PvP gear
"Gets a Holy Power when hit with a direct damaging spell once every 8 sec" .....We already generate Holy Power out the %^-

*Your Templar's Verdict now has a chance on hit to deal 40% of the initial damage dealt as a (bleed/dot) effect over 4 seconds*
That would be a *!@#ing buff I could get behind
Doesn't affect PvE, makes Divine Purpose somewhat viable for increasing TV proc chance (which in turn reduces some of our "op" burst without HA), and gives us some RNG/consistent damage that would at least make us somewhat competitive
I agree with alot of this... One thing I would add however is that now, with all the CC in having been added to the game, could ret's finally get something to reduce/counter CC's other than the same trinket everyone uses... trying to play a melee class particularly in arena with a short window of burst (which needs to be lvl'd out with regular damage) and getting feared 1 good time across the arena, completely renders us useless.. I was pvping on my DK the other day and realized there were numerous abilities giving immunity to stun/fear/etc, and is also the same with warriors... I think CC has become something completely other than CC seeing as how it can and is generally used offensively now, giving it really no drawback... which is frustrating for every class, but paladins as a melee class compared to other melee classes are completely lacking in this department
I know we will never get repentance back as ret but we should get something to reduce the cooldown of blinding light. As it stands right now, blinding light is way too difficult to use effectively against high rated players. Especially considering it's a 2 minute cooldown. Warriors intimidating shout is 1.5 minutes (was 1 minute before 5.2), it lasts 8 seconds (as opposed to 6) and it doesn't break on immediate damage. I know you can't compare them because they are two seperate classes, but this is just ridiculous.
Also, intimidating shout cannot be dispelled. It destroys blinding light in every aspect. This is why rets are so useless. Everything we bring to the table doesn't compare to other classes. It honestly makes it pointless to bring one in any situation.
Making a glyph for Inq like that, makes it mandatory. Glyphs are supposed to be about personalization, not optimization. You realize that, right? Don't get me wrong though, I'd use it, but the feeling of lack of choice would be there. Kind of like when I use the glyph for TV, which is a great example, cause I don't ever change it.

If anything, just take it off the GCD. QoL change, for sure. I won't hold my breath.
1) removing the GCD from Inq will solve nothing. Inq is fine, any player having issues with it should use the glyph that doubles the time till they learn how to manage it better
2)Wings is fine, it's strong of enough CD. 3min will suck onceI use the new tier but eh i'll live
3)Making DP baseline would help ret a lot, anyone who thinks it will be like cata and make ret proc depending forgets how flexible the new HP system is in MoP
4) eh, an extra CC wouldnt hurt

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