<Division 9> wants YOU! <(^.^v)

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LOL @ "work work." "Me not that kind of orc!"
I want a magic banana ....Oh wait I already have one, but I want the one in game as well :P
That Banana Man has it comin'... >.>
A hearty welcome to our latest apps. May you not die to Jasper chains.
Heroic Jasper Chains!
I'm hungry...mmm...burritos ...

What does this have to do with recruitment? Hell if I know, I'm hungry .. /wave
Woohoo its Friday!...despite that terrible song about this fine day, X-COM here I come ..well after raid tonight...but soon..yes..soon..muahahahah
And maybe some Minecraft for me this weekend (after work)! :D Love being in a guild that plays more than one game. ^.^
Its Monday, .. Friday come back with a tank!
A tank and some DPS, for sure!
Its burrito time!...or tacos ..can't decide...
Both! And a good movie to go with it.

"You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?... They call it a Royale with cheese."
I just finished the second book of the Hunger Games and it's amazing! Just started the third. Join Division 9!!
Hunger games eh? I'm currently hungry for an ice-cream sandwich...mmmm....

Oh yeah join us :D
I keep on wanting to start the Game of Thrones books. Sometime when I have time maybe!
Sometime when I have time maybe!

The uncertainty in this statement is astounding!
The uncertainty in this statement is astounding!

>.> Hey, I gotta tone up my Retribution spec, I think that takes priority over reading the Hunger Games.
Friday! ..sweet sweet sleep tomorrow
BBQ n Beer time!!
I want to know what the deal is with mages and rogues recently. They used to grow on trees, and now it seems like they all are just collecting dust somewhere... We could use a good mage or rogue!

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