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Does anyone know how to obtain the Bloodhoof Title? I've been googling around and cannot for the life of me find a source.
I,m unfamiliar with that one. Do you have any other information about it, ie: is it from faction rep, pvp,raid? Where did you see or hear about?

Bloodsail? maybe.
Nope. It was definitely Bloodhoof. I saw one source claim that you had to kill Baine Bloodhoof in a raid to gain that title but I mainly play Horde. Not to mention, the Tauren are my favorite race and I just cant see myself killing Baine LOL

As far as information goes, that is all I have for now. I'm still looking into it. Plus I saw a few Horde players with the title as well.
There is no Bloodhoof title in the gome. Bloodsail Admiral, but no Bloodhoof.
Hmm, There is the "Bleeding Bloodhoof" (Not a title), which is part of the acheivement for "For the Ally"

The only titles with blood in it are, Bloodsail Admiral or Blood Guard.

Other than that I don't know of any.
Okay. Thank you guys.

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