DK (Tank) and Warlock LF Raiding Guild

No longer looking on my DK
Guild: Symbiotic
Realm: Blackrock (Horde)
Progression: 10M 16/16, 4/16H
Raid Times: tue, wed, thu, sun 7-10 PST
Hey how's it going. If you are willing to switch to Frost, we'd have a spot for both of you (both high priority classes for us). Fragmenta is a guild that was on Nagrand - Horde from the release of 4.3 and took a break towards the end of Cata. We moved over to Blackrock to improve the guild as a whole, with a bigger (much, much bigger) server population and more recruitment options.

Our raid times are:
Wed/Sun- 1am-4am ST
Mon- 1:30am-4am ST

If the raid times suit you and the guild sounds like something you're interested in, feel free to check out my forum thread to find out more or chuck in application on our website, which I'll chuck down below.


Quake is currently in search of a quality warlock and a DK tank. We are currently 14/16 normal with 2/6 HMSV down. Our raid times are tuesday and friday 4-7ish, and then sunday at 1. (server)
Look Boilingwater, Exorbitant, Cnn, or Lamaherder up in game if you would like to be tried out!

Good luck

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