You believe in your playful adolescent fevered psyche you could aspire to hold the title I currently grasp to with what's left of my forgotten legacy? Behold! An aspiring [DEROGATORY] soul who wishes to tread in the path of greatness, yet is so sure to falter when he finds the road upon which he treads is rife with pestilence and the shattered bones of those so foolish before him.

I gladly offer upon you my crown, yet know of the trail upon witch you must forge your prowess to earn the title I have longed to let pass on to a new supple soul. Many have put forth their body in trial, all have been cast aside and left a glitter laden Everclear bloated corpse strewn below the trim of my technicolor emblazoned throne.

You want the right to be called #1?
Fine. I transcended #1 long ago, and you would find go by a higher name now. #1 is but a title that gathers dust in the achievement that is my very existence.

Come and get it you [DEROGATORY] plebe.

[>>]You find yourself in a dark and mysterious dungeon.

>walk into Gamestop
>ask for a copy of Atelier Totori
>spaghetti slowly drips from my pockets
>oh no not again
>face gets red
>"Please give me a copy of Atelier Totori right now."
>"I don't know what that is. What platform is it on?"
>struggling to contain my embarrassment
>clenching buttcheeks together to hold in my poop
>voice reduced to a mumble
>"have money please alterlier torti give money please game"
>"Are you okay?"
>poop breaches through my buttcheeks
>propelled forward at 60mph
>crash through the Gamestop employee's counter
>he's holding onto me for dear life
>all the while spaghetti is flowing out of my pockets like fumes
>crash through the entire row of buildings in the strip mall, broken glass shards in my face
>Gamestop employee is covered in poo and spaghetti
>my pocket rocket shows no signs of stopping
>he tilts me backwards
>the sheer force of my poop has reached 650mph, we are now propelling upwards
>the spaghetti and poop intertwines and falls down to earth in glorious yellow and brown streams as we head towards the stratosphere
>children below frolic in the mess falling from my rear
>the g-force is causing my buttcheeks to flap vigorously and create a gale
>spaghetti and poop blowing through the air on the planet below
>3 miles upwards now
>Gamestop employee has died from lack of oxygen, his body falls to the surface below and is shredded by the force of my poo
>my transformation is almost complete
>as I leave the atmosphere my bear hands sprout and my tail grows, acting as a rudder
>steer myself across the comsos with my gleaming %^-* and spaghetti trail
using > and spaghetti stories virtually anywhere. Come on step it up.

Actually now that i read that wall of text it's actually copy pasted from elsewhere.
using > and spaghetti stories virtually anywhere. Come on step it up.

Actually now that i read that wall of text it's actually copy pasted from elsewhere.

Implying you people are worth creating OC for
I just made a new OC. He likes to steal other people's content word for word and tries to use it in a completely unrelated discussions.

He enjoys Linkon Park and this bad-!@# new underground genre of music called dubstep, cool motorcycles, plastic yellow novelty shades, hip drinks like red bull, and these cool new things called memes.

He dislikes America, big words, audio quality, and most of all properly understanding webcam resolutions.

This Bloodvizor tickles me in places I haven't been tickled. So sweet.

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