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Wyrmrest Accord
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Ninth Orgrimmar Regiment

Guild Level: 25

Primary function: PvP

Secondary function: RP

Ninth Orgrimmar Regiment has had quite a history on Wyrmrest Accord, and it’s fair share of dark times, due to overambitious leaders and members who sacrificed respect and admiration for arrogance and ignorance. Over the course of the Ninth’s growth it has developed at it’s core some of the most well rounded, enjoyable, and welcoming players the server has to offer.

“We at the Ninth respect the player over the class/gear/skill character we see in game. “

Our focus for PvP is simple, we aim to enjoy, not just for ourselves but for those in our server’s community. If you are Alliance or Horde it matters not to us, sure if you are alliance and we see you on the battlefield we will strike but that is the nature of the game. I have personally met a lot of good players on both sides of the gate, and will happily train them or train with them in pvp situations because we always striving to learn to better ourselves and every player is different.

If you have ever wanted to learn to PvP but a little turned off by how rude some PvP’ers can be, know you are not the only one who feels that way and certainly won’t be the last, but the Ninth prides itself on being a patient and willing teacher of those looking to improve their gameplay, you don’t have to be a 2200 player to enjoy and understand how PvP is done, let alone learn to become a strong and respectable team player.

“The Ninth will always be for its members, I am only Its current leader”

I believe in this saying, and will live by it till my time is complete on WoW. The Ninth itself has come a long way and so long as our leaders retain a good head on their shoulders it will continue to thrive as a PvP/Rp guild, whether or not I remain it’s leader. There are many leaders in the Ninth and all are capable of leading in my absence, my vision for the Ninth even before coming into the mantle of leadership has always been to train our members to be leaders, some show that quality from the start, others demonstrate it with a bit more time, but those who are willing to learn rarely if ever disappoint.

The Ninth in my eyes is not limited to one guild, to me the Ninth represents the True PvP spirit on this realm, not the kind that boasts it’s achievements and pushes its weight around as though it has something to prove. The true spirit of PvP has always been to train, to learn, to teach, and perform, it is teamwork, it effort, it is fun, and it is respectful.

“Fight one of us Fight all of us”

This is the core belief of the Ninth, in respect to world PvP and Rp involving the Ninth’s core Rp. We are a single unit, if one of our members is being camped we will be there to get them out of the situation, if more enemies are brought we will stay as long as the fight carries on for example: 1v1 turns into 3v1 in favor of enemy, which turns into an all out brawl, the Ninth will remain until the fight is complete (or some of us have to go pick up groceries…or go to the bathroom…anyways)

The Ninth looks after its own and does so not always for vengeance but we have no intention on leaving our members out to dry in a fight so if people do decide to camp, or start drama know it will be ended abruptly by us.

This in no way is a means to cause trouble by the Ninth, I weigh in enemy, ally, and member information before passing judgments, we are not always innocent even if we believe we are.

(On the subject of accusations and drama I do require screenshots as evidence of issues, be it by our members or that of the accuser)
“Family, Friends, Food…these are what matter most”

Family: We at the Ninth understand that Real life comes first, It should always come first, you are welcomed to join us and enjoy all the Ninth has to offer, but please never put the Ninth or WoW before your obligations and real life responsibilities.

Friends: We are all in that category, whether you are Alliance or Horde, a new player or veteran. We can learn much from each other even if we think we know better.

Food: Consume as much information as you can, learn and strive to be better than what anyone says you are capable of, it may not be easy, and it may not what you want, but at least consider it.

One thing I will add to this, be honest with yourself, if you enjoy something, Class, spec, whatever then do it, but learn it and perform it to your best ability, I have had the privilege and experience to see some amazing players pull of maneuvers with their character that no one expects a certain class/spec to perform because they loved their class/spec. A true testament to the player’s quality.

Above all we want you to enjoy your time at the Ninth, if you choose to depart please do so respectfully, you will always be welcomed back if you leave on good terms. We ask that you be a contributing member of the Ninth and interact with members, doing dungeons, Bgs for gear, arenas for cap, and focus on the whole picture instead of “what can I get out of this?”

Lastly, Talk things out, if someone starts an issue, take a step back, get an officer involved, they can speak to us, much like in real life taking matters into your own hands without informing higher management will get you in trouble as much as the person causing the trouble, so please be adult and inform your officers in the event an issue arises.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this Post and if you have questions you may contact any member of the Ninth and they should be able to relay the message.

Lîghtmourn -Guild Leader (Alt+140 for accent)
Khoûska - Co-Leader (Alt +150 for accent)
Ikutah - Battlemaster
Lucì – Battlemaster (Alt+ 0236 for accent)
Yubell- Lore-Keeper
Spazzlefrazzle- Officer
Psychadega – Officer
Bump-da-bump for good friends.
These guys are a class act!
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*mutters about being short, climbs up on a rock*
Glad to see yall recruiting. Great guild, great people.
Bump for the Ninth
01/23/2013 09:09 AMPosted by Spazzlefrazz
*mutters about being short, climbs up on a rock*

How did you manage to climb that rock...? I thought you were still glued onto Iku's shoulder...
Do the humpdy bump
Terrific to see you all back, Lightmourn. I wish you all the luck with recruitment!
Oh, hai thar.
Very much appreciate everyone, Alliance/Horde for bumping the post! much love for everyone.
01/23/2013 11:37 AMPosted by Alndron
*mutters about being short, climbs up on a rock*

How did you manage to climb that rock...? I thought you were still glued onto Iku's shoulder...

Err.... I'd say to ask Ikutah *nods* Backed up against a cliff-face er somethin'!
How spazz got off my shoulder is a good question, gotta use better glue next time.
So. Many. Altcodes.
Iku -- it's not MY fault! *shifty eyes*
01/23/2013 06:08 PMPosted by Spazzlefrazz
Iku -- it's not MY fault! *shifty eyes*

It wasn't me at all, if that is what you're trying to imply...

It was the perfect plan... How did it get revealed!
01/23/2013 05:11 PMPosted by Ikutah
How spazz got off my shoulder is a good question, gotta use better glue next time.

Well, well, well....
*glances at Alndron, giggling*
Well, you were the one who glued me there in the first place, mister "Oh look at ME, I'm a tall blood elf!" *dissolves in giggles*

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