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Wyrmrest Accord
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*blinks, grinning at Khoûska* Thank you kindly!

*Spies Alndron's demons lurking in the shadows* /cower

Lil Green BUMP!
*blinks, grinning at Khoûska* Thank you kindly!

*Spies Alndron's demons lurking in the shadows* /cower

Lil Green BUMP!

Hey I know you from Wyrmrest Accordians group on the facebooks
Wandering through the forums, he spots a label named "[H] Ninth Orgrimmar Regiment -Recritment-" beginning to sink down into the countless other labels. This will not do...

Bending down slightly, he picks up the label and places it back higher up above all the other labels, making it feel like a special snowflake for a short while... But not as much as a special snowflake like the magical labels with the "sticky" label on them, making those a much more powerful force to behold!

Satisfied with the higher position for the label, he walks off slowly into the sunset, unaware that the label will soon fall back down, once more...
01/24/2013 02:59 PMPosted by Alndron
That's how it's gonna be? After what we had?

Oh, do tell more...
*Brings out notepad*

It's too painful yet to talk about.

/runs off crying
Hello folks! wanted to pop in to give an insight of how the Ninth Orgrimmar Regiment's inner structure looks like, the responsibility of each member and the expectations of our higher management.

Trainee: As a trainee you are brand new to the Ninth and with that hold the least amount of responsibility within the Guild. Your responsibility is to make the guild money, for repairs, materials, etc. You are responsible for gathering with your fellow Ninth and taking on those guild 5 man dungeons/ 3 man scenarios as well as establishing a healthy social environment within the guild.

(Talk to members, laugh, enjoy, we don't usually bite)

Members: Our members are responsible for the social aspect of the Ninth, we want interaction with as many players on Wrymrest Accord as possible, this includes but not limited to PuG'ing dungeons, Bgs, Rp interactions, with fellow WRA members. Remember you hold the tag of the Ninth and with that i expect our members to remain respectful and promote a healthy social environment both inside and outside of the guild, this does not mean we will tolerate abuse so lets keep it civil.

(I will expect screenshots of any incident, be it by the Ninth or other players from WRA)

Veterans: Our veterans are responsible for the recruitment of quality players, we are not interested on inviting just anyone to the Ninth, we will give you a chance no matter who you are but I expect our guild veterans to actively seek quality players, not for their gear, class, skill but through conversations and interactions.

(We want the player. Members will direct potential recruits to Veterans of the guild, if no veterans available they will direct them to higher ranking personnel)

Officers: Are responsible for the monitoring Guild Chat and maintaining guild activities such as Dungeon runs, pvp (Battlegrounds), and rp. They are NOT responsible for policing activities outside of Guild Chat, but responsible for keeping an eye that members remain respectful and the activities are actually getting done. We expect our officers to understand and represent the Ninth’s direction and maintain a productive attitude toward the guild and WRA server.

(Officer’s hold the first true concept of responsibility; they are in a sense our guild’s managers and the)

Lore-Keeper: Our Lore-Keepers are responsible for the Rp section of our guild, they are tasked with keeping track of our story, and aiding in its progression. The Ninth has a core story that develops with every patch/expansion, so as WoW’s story progresses so does the Ninth’s Core story. They are also responsible for Server-Wide Rp events that aim to progress the Ninth’s story and promote fun for WRA to share in.

(Personal stories are not the Lore-Keeper’s responsibility, everyone in the Ninth who Rp’s has their own story they develop, although we may touch on character(s) history our Lore-Keepers are responsible for the Guild’s RP)

Battlemaster: Our Battlemasters are responsible for the Pvp section of our guild, they are tasked with learning each individual class, ESPECIALLY their own. We will have a Battlemaster for every class, and each Battlemaster is responsible for learning their main spec extensively and both off-specs moderately, their strengths, their weaknesses, and what they bring to the table.

Battlemasters play a key role of information gathering and teaching to their fellow guild members, a Battlemaster puts educating his/her students over empowering themselves. They live for the challenge, the constant threat of being dethroned as a Battlemaster thrills them. The Battlemaster wants the student to become the teacher; if their students never learn then they are not doing their job.

(If their students never learn, they are not doing their job. This in my opinion is a belief I personally follow when I teach, but I also understand there are times where the student doesn’t want to learn, so long as the effort is put, the Battlemaster should be proud of their position)
Co-Leader: Our Co-Leader Roles are reserved for those who embody the Ninth’s vision, has completed all requirements from Trainee to this position, and is capable of doing so at a moment’s notice. The Co-Leaders are responsible for monitoring and maintaining every rank, with one added responsibility, they are ambassadors to other guilds on WRA, much like our members actively seek out and converse with other players, our Co-Leaders seek out other leaders/officers of some of the most influential guild’s in WRA, to seek out bonds and promote a fantastic social environment both for Pvp and Rp.

Commander: This position comes with the highest of responsibilities, as the Leader of the Ninth Orgrimmar Regiment I am entrusted with a guild of fantastic players, my job is to be capable of performing every single rank’s duty, and maintain a respectful and respectable guild, with a welcoming environment and team aspect. I am responsible for my members and all their actions; I am responsible for the fate of my guild, and the direction we take it in. If my guild fails, I fail, if my guild succeeds, I succeed.

I am responsible for training my members to become some of the best members WRA has ever seen, I am responsible for delivering to my members a fair but confident leadership, and the ability to face everyday tasks and find a way to work with my guild to overcome them.

I am also responsible for maintaining a good sense of humor, and humble practices, be it in Pvp or Rp, I do not tolerate being toyed with or disrespected, but my promise is to give every new face respect, and to take a step back if I feel my thoughts/feelings get the better of me of not-so new faces.

(Co-Leaders/Leaders go hand and hand, almost like a checks and balance system, if I falter I would hope my co-leaders are there to keep me on the straight and narrow, if my co-leaders falter I will be there to keep them on the straight and narrow)

Final statement:
The Ninth is about learning, growing and teaching, while having a great time doing so. We are about respect, and being there for one another. No one is more special than the other, Pvp/Rp, all can be made fun and enjoyable, what makes WRA so unique is it embraces all aspects of the game, and has its own checks and balance system without even having to establish an official one. The community just does it and I feel there is room for every type of player.

Thank you for taking the time to read these posts, if you have any questions please keep us informed!
its a super chill guild to be in so you know come chill with us
01/25/2013 03:58 PMPosted by Doemino
its a super chill guild to be in so you know come chill with us

*locks Doemino in a freezer*
Bump! 'Course, everyone knows this guild is only cool because I'm heOOOOH GOD! NOT THE FACE! /runs away from evil baby moonkin
Hey I know you from Wyrmrest Accordians group on the facebooks[/quote]

*crazy wave* HAI, Alandril!

*continues bumping*

*grumbles 'cause the 'quote' thing ate your name to begin with, so I had to get all type-y and put it in manually!*
01/25/2013 04:23 PMPosted by Spazzlefrazz
*continues bumping*

*rams into Spazzle with a bumper car*
01/25/2013 04:46 PMPosted by Alndron
*continues bumping*

*rams into Spazzle with a bumper car*

*"accidentally" runs over Alndron with her Polar bear*
*casts a soulstone and just stands up, brushing the dirt off of him*
Gotta try harder than that to kill me...
Had fun with these guys tonight. PvP for fun? What a concept!
That was some great fun! had one heck of a blast brother, good fight from the alliance.
Just wanna say Horde people should join this guild ,and also Thanks for the raid on Stormwind tonight lots of fun.
Thanks for the fun and hope to do it again. :D
Saturday morning BUMP!

If the Ninth got together for christmas, it'd be something like this I think.

If the Ninth got together for christmas, it'd be something like this I think.

*Squirms on Iku's shoulder*
Dangit, I wanna dance to the fun music!!

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